What to wear for business dress settings during fall/autumn and going into the winter?

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    Hey guys!

    I recently graduated and have begun working this summer! Now that it’s getting cold in the NYC area, I was wondering what layers are acceptable for business dress attire.

    On that same note, while a peacoat would be nice to wear for the winter, what could I wear for the autumn temperatures without overheating?

    And what boots would one suggest to wear for snow/slush as well for business attire?

    Thank you all!



    There are quite a few options for fall outerwear that work for business attire. You can go more casual with stuff like harrington jackets, or go for more formal with unlined topcoats, or topcoats made from less insulating materials than wool. There’s quite a few options in between those two ends of the spectrum as well.

    As for layers… cardigans and v-neck sweaters are excellent for layering in the winter. You’ll see more and more people wearing them soon. Some people use thicker cardigans, like shawl necks, as pseudo-blazers.

    As for footwear… you could continue wearing dress shoes in all honesty. In Manhattan, there generally isn’t enough ice or snow to really warrant boots. You just have to be careful to avoid slush puddles, which is true of any shoe tbh. But if you want something more rugged, chelsea boots, dress boots with dainite soles, chukkas, etc.



    It’s easier to say what to avoid — don’t wear a brightly colored parka into the office, don’t layer with a hoodie if anyone (especially a client) is going to see the hoodie when you take off your top layer, and don’t walk around the office in Timberlands.

    Pretty much any wool coat is acceptable to wear into the office (as are lighter jackets like chore coats, Harringtons and field jackets), tasteful sweaters and cardigans are good layering options, and dressier boots are also fine.



    Honestly when it gets really mucky (as NYC can tend to do), if you have a far walk just wear some sort of snow boot and then change when you get to the office or whereever. If you don’t have the luxury of changing, I recommend taking a cab/uber from Pt A to Pt B and just wearing dress shoes



    I’ve lived and worked in NYC for a number of years so I can contribute what I’ve found to be best practices. Currently wear a suit/tie daily for work and worked in a business casual environment before that.

    * For fall/early, my go-to is my Barbour jacket (I have the Bedale). It layers really well over a suit without being too hot (especially in the subways) and the extra pockets are great for storing gloves, scarf, coffee tumbler etc. that don’t necessarily fit in your bag/briefcase during your commute. There is the option of getting a removable gilet/liner, but ultimately a lot of guys in the city here just go with the “midtown uniform” for layering aka a Patagonia vest. The moleskin pockets are great for when the wind picks up on long city blocks as well.

    * When the temps really start to drop, a wool topcoat definitely goes the best with a suit or business casual (peacoats are more casual IMO). Loro Piana is probably the gold standard here but JCrew makes a decent Ludlow topcoat as well.

    * In terms of footwear, I’ve found that leaving dress shoes at the desk and wearing something more practical to and from the office is best (and everyone does it). I’ve found the LL Bean bean boots or bean mocs to be the best for this, as they are waterproof without being too hot. The slush here on the side walks and crossing the street gets really gross, so you’ll be glad that you didn’t ruin your $400 Aldens or have to deal with wet socks at the office.



    I like to wear pullover v-neck cashmere or merino sweaters over button downs w/ ties. Any sweater light enough to fit under a suit jacket will do. If you have a third piece to your suit, now’s not a bad time to bust it out.

    I’m in DC, and wearing a peacoat today (60º F). I’m only wearing a cotton sweater as a single layer up top, so that’s keeping me from being too hot. No need to button your coat all the way up either. I imagine a button-down and tie, with maybe a cardigan would be similarly warm.

    As for boots, go for something sleek and simple in black or dark brown, calfskin or similar. A brogued boot would also work, but you’ll probably not want to expose something really nice to the elements too often. I’ve seen commuters wear rubber slips over their boots/shoes in the winter to protect them from slush/salt.



    get yourself a nice coat, maybe trench?



    Autumn: dress pants, tucked in button-down shirt, dress shoes, cardigan/over-sweater

    Winter: dress pants, tucked in button-down shirt (possible over-sweater), dress boots (Meermin makes great ones for a good price), peacoat.

    Simple and effective.

    If you don’t want to get dress boots then buy some rubber galoshes or “over shoes” to wear while walking to the office, but they are pretty hideous.

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