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    For starters, I live in NYC so it gets cold. I know not as much as other places, but it’s just for reference! Anyways, what are some boots that I should invest in? Though….I’m not really looking to spend TOO much.

    What do you guys wear? Please inform me of some waterproof/warm boots!



    From a frugal perspective, I started using my waterproof Hunter rain boots as winter/snow boots. Otherwise, not that I like them, but Uggs are seriously so warm when temperatures are extra brutal. I take them off at the office first thing though lol.



    Well, seems like everyone has covered shoes pretty well. I just want to give a shoutout to socks, because they can make such a difference in the warmth of your feet. A few pairs of smartwool/patagonia hiking socks or ski socks are great for super cold days, but I need to profess my love and adoration for Costco’s Kirkland Signature Ladies Trail Socks. They are perfection in a sock. Soft, warm, and in overall very nice and subtle patterns for hiking socks. They don’t itch, they don’t slide down your ankles, they aren’t too bulky to fit under all your shoes.

    Plus you get like 4 pairs of socks for the price of 1 set of smartwool socks!!



    I’m from Canada and Sorel boots are a pretty popular staple here. They’re waterproof and keep your feet super warm and some of their styles are pretty cute too! I used to wear Docs as my winter boot of choice, but my only problem was that because of the material of the sole, when it got super cold, they would freeze and provide zero traction. I can’t even count how many times I slipped in them haha, but I’ve never had that issue with my Sorels as they’re made to be a winter boot!

    Their website also has pretty good guidelines with each boot detailing the temperature and type of weather they would be best for. I know how hard it can be to find a winter boot that’s both cute and functional, good luck!



    I mean Bean Boots are pretty classic for a reason. On the lower end I love Bogs.



    Doc Martens are my go-to boots for city winters. They’re comfortable to do a lot of walking in, and they hold up well to snow / rain / salt. They’re also pretty versatile, because they’re appropriate for and work in a lot of different kinds of weather. I picked up [these fleece-lined Chelsea boots](https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/p/23898243) last winter because my 1460s weren’t warm enough for my perpetually cold feet, and I’ve been happy with the added warmth, although the fabric side gores mean that they’re not truly waterproof.

    If your budget is up to it, Blundstones are also great for winter and will last you forever. They’re comfortable to walk in and hold up well to snow and weather (basically everything that’s nice about DMs can be applied to Blundstones). Same waterproof caveat on the fabric side gores, though.

    If you need to be prepared for getting more than six inches of snow regularly, the best thing to do is just go all out and get some [serious, tall snow boots](https://www.rei.com/product/887952/the-north-face-shellista-ii-mid-winter-boots-womens) (link is just for reference, there are a lot of good options for snow boots out there). They won’t be the best for everyday walking, but you’ll be glad you have them when there’s 10+ inches of snow outside and your feet stay warm and dry the whole time.

    Source: have lived in Chicago, DC, and St. Louis.



    I love my [LL Bean Boots](https://m.llbean.com/product.html?bc=&skCatId=22799&csp=a#22799). Waterproof and cute! Make sure you get the ones that are insulated/lined because otherwise, your toes will freeze. Also, definitely size down *at least* a full size if you order. Personally, I think they’re well worth the investment. My mom still has hers from her college years! Check to see if you have an LL Bean outlet nearby, too!

    Source: I live in northern New England



    When I lived in your area and walked a lot, I did fine in good leather boots (born are my favorite) and wool socks. But you have to take care of them!!!! Oil & wipe down regularly. When it’s too muddy, bean boots are worth every penny and will last the rest of your life.



    I live in Northeast Ohio, so I deal with really cold winters (not like, -30 cold, but it’s consistently below freezing), plus the added bonus of lake effect snowfall.

    Idc if it makes me “basic” or whatever negative adjective gets used now but last year I purchased Bean Boots with the thinsulate lining, and they’re worth every penny. They’re very warm and waterproof, and keep the snow out of my shoes. Personally I think they’re more attractive and less blocky than Sorels. Prior to this, I had clunky cheap snow boots, and the Bean Boots blow them out of the water.



    blundstones (with wool socks) – they are my birkenstock replacement in the winter. waterproof(ish), not too clunky, very durable and last forever.



    Here is Canada we have some pretty sweet brands that, in the grand scheme of winter shoes, are really good for quality and price.

    If would recommend [Cougar Shoes](https://heelboy.com/collections/cougar-1) and [Kodiak](https://heelboy.com/collections/kodiak-1). They make great, warm, waterproof shoes and boots with quite the variety so you can choose if you want something more style oriented like [this from Kodiak](https://heelboy.com/collections/kodiak-1/products/kodiak-womens-henna-heeled-boot-in-black) or [this from Cougar](https://heelboy.com/collections/cougar-1/products/cougar-womens-derry-boot-in-black) or more weather focused like [this](https://heelboy.com/collections/kodiak-1/products/kodiak-womans-kyra-boot-in-brown) or [this](https://heelboy.com/collections/cougar-1/products/cougar-womens-vancouver-snow-boot-in-black-1).



    Hi! New Yorker here.

    My go-tos are:

    * Blondo boots! They’re usually lined, so they’re warm. They’re light, waterproof, and have good traction. Plus most styles don’t even look like winter boots. I have a pair of ankle boots and some lace-ups from them.

    * Doc Martens. I have the Oxford style which isn’t as warm as the boot styles, but I love the traction. These would be too slippery on days when it’s actually freezing outside, but pretty good otherwise.

    I don’t love:

    * Sorels, because they’re too warm and heavy for the subway.

    * Rain boots–the rubber gets stiff so it’s not as comfortable.



    I’m in the UK where winters are really mild but I do visit Finland usually during winter where it can get around -20C. My “winter boots” are a pair of [Solovair derby boots](https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5654cc6fe4b0488d60d5dc01/t/59ee37fdc3c16a9e86a52990/1508784154418/Black+Boots) (photo from [Field & Nest](http://www.fieldandnest.com/journal/2017/10/23/winter-wardrobe-staples)) in one size larger than what I’d usually wear.

    During warm weather I wear them with light socks and insoles, during winter I take the insole off and wear them with two layers of woolly socks. The boots aren’t waterproof if you submerge them, however I’ve found them to be dry and toasty in heavy rain and snow. The leather doesn’t seem to mind at all. Doc Martens are very similar in design but quite a bit more affordable.



    I would invest in comfortable and durable snow boots. I’m from Ottawa, Canada (so yea as you say quite a bit colder and snow-ier than NYC) and I live in my Pajar snow boots in the winter. They were ~ $400CAD but worth every penny. They are a Canadian brand and are warm yet stylish.

    I have a very good friend (from Ottawa also) who lived in your neck of the wood for 5 years. She said she still wore her snow boots through most of the winter. Just for a shorter duration than here.



    I have some Landsend snow boots that I HATED in high school, and now that I live in NYC I’m so grateful to have them. They’re nothing to Instagram, lol, but they’re sturdy and warm and waterproof for the snow bank climbing, mud, slush puddles, everything.



    When it’s colder I love nice thick socks in my Dr. Marten Floras as they go with everything in my wardrobe and are super comfortable. Also a big fan of Blondo booties because they are waterproof and comfortable, but they’re not exactly warm.



    Honestly, I wear proper winter boots in the winter (like the Patagonia, Sorell, Timberland, The North Face, Columbia stuff) and change into my normal shoes in the office. I’d like to say that I run around in a cute pair of leather chelseas or something but Minnesota winters would destroy that so fast no matter what the quality construction, I can’t afford it.



    LL Bean boots!! I inherited my mom’s from college and they’re still going strong, I wear them on short hikes (with inserts) and literally any time it’s rainy and too cold for chacos. We got 6 inches of snow last year – v unusual where I’m from – and they kept my feet super dry! They’re very casual but I love to wear them with jeans or leggings, a soft tee, and a cardigan in the fall, or a sweatshirt and my giant coat (also LL Bean inherited from mom’s college days) in the winter. They’re not super warm in and of themselves but I know there are ways to insulate them and when it snowed I was fine with like… 2 pairs of socks.



    Lots of good suggestions here! If you’re looking for something a bit dressier, Aquatalia has some cute boots that are also waterproof.

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