What was your first splurge/meaningful purchase? What brands do you associate with meaningful purchases?

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    I turned 30 this year and just started my first job in my life that I absolutely love. I want to buy a nice something to commemorate 2018 (regardless of how terrible it’s been as a whole) and I’m interested in everyone’s stories about their meaningful purchases or brands that are their go-to for that.



    I bought myself a necklace from Tiffany’s with my first paycheck from my first adult job. I owned several pieces of jewelry from there, gifted to me by an emotionally abusive ex boyfriend who would show up with gifts every time he “messed up” – so I associated those pieces with him whenever I wore them. I wear the necklace I bought almost every day and associate it with my own accomplishments 🙂



    I’m still young, so mine isn’t as expensive or nice as most, but I put some money aside during high school every month to buy a Kate Spade purse. I still use it, and the entire Kate Spade brand holds a special place in my heart because that was my first nice purse. I’m 21 now so it’s lasted 6 years of almost daily wear and it still looks great. One of the best things I’ve ever bought.



    My first big splurge was a pair of black suede Manolo Blahniks. In college I had a friend that said her sister’s “I’ve made it” purchase was a pair of Manolos and it stuck with me. I wear heels for court and such and I felt that having a nice pair of black heels would boost my confidence. I also figured that since they’re simple shoes I would wear them a lot.



    I don’t think I’ve ever bought an article of clothing or accessory over $175 (most are in the $100-150 range) bet I grew up poor and sometimes still have a poor kid mentality. I have however recently splurged to commission a handmade traditional ribbon skirt that is so special to me. My goals fashion-wise are to get more pieces that I love that work together and to also show my indigenous pride in my fashion, so this skirt is everything! Ribbon skirts are really meaningful and so pretty. The one I got is a black and white floral pattern with 5 ribbons on it (white, tan, brown, gray, and black). I love it so much and it’s like me in a traditional skirt version since it had modern/minimalist colors, but is made in the traditional style. Can’t wait to get it!



    Mine’s more fabric-based, I think. Whenever I buy something that’s cashmere or silk, I feel like I’m really an ~adult~ now.



    I bought myself a nice skagen watch when I had my first job. Its smart and low key enough to go with casual outfits but has a nice classic design that works well at work or when I’m dressed up. Not the most high end and I might buy another ‘nicer ‘ one when I get a promotion or something but it does the job.

    A few of my favourite splurge pieces are a burberry trench coat and a burberry long wool overcoat (I’ve since sold the trench as I bought it online and it was too big. Sadly the same with the wool coat but once I have sold them I’m looking to get a nice long structured winter coat that’s work appropriate).

    I recently bought a reversible leopard print and black silk maxi dress from the brand never fully dressed. It wasn’t a huge splurge (£80) but I plan on wearing it to a few work functions and classy meet ups with friends. I’m 23 and I’ve always been shy of long hems as they’re kind of frumpy if not done right. I’ve been dressing in a more put together fashion recently, things that I think have been tied to both growing up and feeling more confident in myself and getting my first adult job etc. I’m really excited to wear a long dress for the first time ever, and it’s a very versatile item so even tho it was a splurge I am confident I’ll have it for years.



    Gold Gucci slip on loafers!!! They were one of my first big splurges, and definitely my most meaningful.

    My grandma used to have these amazing mules from the 70s. She wore them all the time when I was a kid, usually with these specific white palazzo pants. They were a gold, silk-brocade masterpiece. She had bought them in Morocco and they were a signature piece of hers for a long time. I don’t know what happened to them, but they weren’t around any longer when we sorted through her things.

    A couple weeks after she passed away, I saw these gold Gucci mules at Nieman’s and immediately fell in love. There were so many reasons not to buy them: they were way off my budget, who tf needs a gold backless loafer, and I work for a competitor to Nieman’s. Anyway I bought them on sight.

    Best shoes ever! I feel like I’m channeling my Nan every time I wear them, and I’ve never regressed the purchase. I’ve had them for like 2 years and wear them at least once a week. They are still my favorite shoes and, cost per wear, I’ve probably paid less for them than anything else!

    I would recommend not paying attention to the brand, but finding something you feel a strong spiritual connection to. Go shopping in person and look for the right feeling.



    My first big gift to myself was a 22″ strand of Mikimoto pearls with a diamond & white gold clasp. I spent almost my entire year-end bonus on them and don’t regret it. It had been a difficult year personally but I was doing really well career-wise and wanted to celebrate that with something timeless and luxurious.



    My first big splurge was a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Context: I am in my last year of my PhD and have been living on a grad stipend for 5 years now. I am lucky though and am married so I am in a dual-income household and my husband’s income is enough to cover most of our bills. In 2016 I won a very prestigious research award (top research for a master’s student at my University) that came with a nice $1500 bonus. This is a lot of money compared to my normal salary. Originally I was just going to do something practical with it, but after talking with my husband he and I agreed that I could treat myself with that money. Since I haven’t really started a “real” job yet and had that experience of buying something nice with the first paycheck, this was basically that experience for me. We went to Europe last fall because I had a conference in Vienna Austria. We went to Paris for a few days before the conference and I was able to purchase the bag at the flagship Louis Vuitton store. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I had worked so hard to win that award and had earned every penny of it to make this big purchase. I wavered at the store and thought maybe it was selfish or I shouldn’t do it because we could do something more practical with the money, but my husband assured me that I should do it and so I did. PS: buying it in Paris was a great decision-if you aren’t an EU citizen you get the tax refunded so it ends up being hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying in the US and paying tax on top of the purchase.



    Kinda silly maybe, but mine was a pair of yoga bras from [Saint Basics](https://www.saintbasics.com/nl/home) when I got my first paycheck from my new job. They may not be very expensive to most people, but as a full-time student they were still a bit of a splurge for me. Now I wear them every time I do any kind of sports that doesn’t involve jumping up and down, they’re just so comfy!



    I mean I really splurged on my All Saints leather jacket, but I probably should not have – I would really think twice and then another two times before paying the same full price again. Oh well, I have it now and I love it.

    But a “meaningful” splurge was my Mackage wool jacket, I got it for myself when I got my current job after a period of unemployment and low mental health. It’s amazing quality and I wear it all winter long (in Canada).



    With my very first paycheck I bought myself a pair of gray TOMS. For me at the time, spending $50 (and basically a third of my paycheck, ha ha) on a pair of shoes was a splurge. I bought myself a nice Kate Spade purse when I got a raise at my current job.



    I bought a ring from a local independent designer in 2015ish. It was around 1.2k which was the most I had spent on anything at that point (material possession) except rent. I walked into the showroom saw the ring and bought in on the spot. The ring (it was a particularly luminescent stone) represent freedom and a fresh start to me (I.e moving to a new city with a new job and a lookout on life). I never make impulsive purchases and never on that scale. It was one of a kind in the sense that the stone wasn’t a generic gemstone. I wore it almost everyday for two years.

    In late 2017, I left it in a ring box on my window when my leasing office was showing my apartment and the ring was stolen. I was devastated since it was a part of my life for so many years and what the ring meant to me. I filed police reports and constantly followed up with the leasing office (and going to pawn shops, browsing eBay, etc.) but of course in a large city I eventually gave up hope.

    I even contacted the maker and still periodically do but they don’t have another similar stone. And honestly I don’t know if I would feel the same about a replacement. Maybe the universe will one day return it to me? Haha one can hope!



    I bought a beautiful black London Fog trench coat and Idk if that’s a nice brand or if it just seems nice to me but I had never spent so much money on a coat before. Plus I didn’t really need it, I just bought it to celebrate my 30 lb weight loss. That was back in 2015.

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