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    Advice can be interpreted loosely too–comments, inspiration albums, guides, etc. Let’s hear it!



    Don’t settle for clothes which are almost what you want. I used to be that kind of person and never end up wearing them



    ultimately just do what’s convenient for you…I don’t remember who it was but I was complaining about how hard it was to keep bra straps hidden with certain tops and a commenter was like “Yeah I just wear crew neck tops with sleeves and sports bras all the time now”

    life changing, got rid of my sleeveless tops and my white tops. All my tops are dark/medium colored now and most are textured (so wrinkles don’t show as much), I don’t wear white (not even socks) and just put on whatever I want, bras don’t matter, I don’t have to worry about my whites turning a LITTLE bit yellow, i can wash everything together

    So long to the stripey “french girl” look with a white/black top and stuff. so long to crisp white shirtdresses and the “perfect” white tee.” so long to even heather gray. I like those looks but on other people. Let me just pick out anything and anything and not worry about it! ever!!!



    [This](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/8wkkov/i_dont_have_anything_to_wear_really_means_i_dont/) post about how you can translate “I don’t have anything to wear” into “I don’t have anything to wear for who I need to be today”. This has really helped me be more conscious and critical of purchases, esp. with how they’ll realistically fit into my lifestyle. Now I can (mostly) avoid making willy-nilly purchases on this ONE standout piece that I don’t even know how to style, *but it’s new and another piece to wear!!*



    Picking a single colour palette for my wardrobe. Gone are the days of opening the cupboard to an uninspiring mishmash of random colours. And it makes shopping so much easier and more fun.



    1. Stylebook – I can’t remember where it was mentioned but it was definitely on here. I’ve been tracking obsessively for 6 months now and it’s given me a way better understanding of how many clothes a person can actually wear (not that many!) and how little use some of them get, as well as recording how I felt about outfits.

    2. Very ‘loose’ but I get the most inspiration from the most regular WAYWT posters. It doesn’t matter if they match my style or not, it’s seeing how they rotate a certain set of clothes and use them in versatile yet fresh ways.



    A few weeks back in Random Fashion Thoughts, someone mentioned that she’d started to buy her underwear one size up from her usual, as they gave fewer lines under her clothes that way. I tried it and it worked!



    I would like to take a moment to give kudos to both /u/TheBlankPage and /u/any_delirium. About a month ago I asked for tips on how to recognize wool, cashmere, and other natural fibers while thrifting because I wanted help upgrading my wardrobe. The key is relying on touch instead of painstakingly checking every tag. Due to their helpful explanations and tips, I have gotten so much better at finding great stuff while thrifting!

    If anyone wants to see their tips: [here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/9fm49c/tell_me_about_great_silk_items_and_how_you_wear/e5xvuq8/?st=jn6w1cqa&sh=7a2ab972)



    To be honest, I’d given up on Pinterest several years ago. I was kind of snobby about it being only for bridezillas and mommy bloggers. BUT I was very wrong and FFA reintroduced me to it and now I use it as a way to keep track of pieces I like, outfit combinations, celebrities and fictional characters who inspire me, etc. I think doing this has allowed me to have a big picture look at who I am/who I want to be, and also helps me cut down on impulse buys, since in turn I have a more sure sense of what needs to be in my closet.






    I don’t think it was any one person in particular, but the advice to take photos of your daily outfits has been gold for me. I’ve figured out that I don’t like the look of certain silhouettes on me, and also found some that I love as a result. I’ve always worn a bit of colour, sure, but from taking photos I’ve seen myself embrace colour more and more and it’s a lovely feeling!

    ETA: and [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/7sjvqh/what_i_learned_from_tracking_my_clothing_for_a/?st=JN72JKP9&sh=9296597b) from u/sudosussudio inspired me to start my own wardrobe tracking spreadsheet – thanks for this! I’m more aware of what I have, what it’s made of and where it came from.



    It’s not really specific advice, just the experience of seeing many different women of different sizes and shapes developing their own personal style. Other sources of clothing advice can be a bit cookie-cutter and I’ve just never fit the mold. Here I don’t have to. There is no mold.



    It’s okay to have no signature style. It’s okay to dress like an office ballerina on Monday and a literal grandmother on Tuesday. What matters is that I’m comfortable and confident.

    When looking back at old pictures of myself, I’m most upset about clothes that obviously didn’t fit well. I’m not upset that I fell *hard* into the leggings and tunic look. I’m upset that my tunics were too short or too tight and my leggings were literally transparent. I’m upset that I styled old worn out black/brown skinny belts *with everything* instead of letting clothes fall loosely with no defined waist and upgrading with more fun colors for belts.

    A related piece of advice isn’t actual advice that I’ve seen, but more practical and obvious advice from the quantity of threads on the topic: maintaining a timeless wardrobe means maintaining a weight *and* body shape. A $2k closet full of pieces that don’t fit is worthless.



    If you feel bad about your size when shopping: If you’re bringing several sizes to the dressing room, *always* try the largest one first. If it fits, you’ll feel good about it fitting and care less about the number on the tag. If it’s too big and you have to go down a size, nbd. If you try on the smaller sizes first, you will feel like crap trying on something and having it be too small and having to go up a size.



    The [french wardrobe thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/14g2pa/discussion_the_french_wardrobe_threadhow_to/). I found this sub through that thread and never left!

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