What’s the do’s and dont’s when it comes to getting clothes tailored?

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    What’s the do’s and dont’s when it comes to getting clothes tailored?



    Don’t expect it to be cheap.

    Don’t expect it to be done fast.

    Don’t be unrealistic or unreasonable.

    Don’t bring a garment in that fundamentally isn’t a good fit to begin with.



    To piggyback off of this, what do you ask when you go in? Can you just say I want this to fit me better?



    If it’s your first time at a certain tailor, don’t bring in something you love. Get them to do something simple on a piece you don’t care as much about. It might just be me, but if it’s a big project I want to make sure they can do something simple.



    For tops, make sure the shoulders and armholes already fit well – they’re hard to adjust. For bottoms, make sure there’s seam allowance if you need waist to be larger. For hemming, make sure your tailor understands clearly how you want to cuff and how much of a break you want. For tapering selvedge, make sure your tailor does it on the inseam side, and wear the appropriate boots to get a good leg opening measurement



    Know what you want, and be able to explain it clearly. A lot of tailors will have a different idea of ideal fit than you.



    Make sure it’s freshly cleaned. Nobody is going to work on your dirty clothes. Also if it’s washable wash it even if it’s new. Get the initial shrink out of it so they don’t have to guess. They can always make something shorter, but if your jeans shrink thats your problem.



    Dont go ass-less. Way too situational.



    So knits are impossible to tailor right? Especially cable knit sweaters



    I have a couple questions too.

    * Can I go to any laundrymat/strip mall tailor?
    * What expectations are usually there? What do I say (e.g., *”I would like one tailored please?”*)
    * Will they make me wear the shirt to take measurements? or do they just go off of instructions I give them?

    I just need some dress shirt sleeves shorten and the sides fitted. I like the pattern, but they are one size too big. Tragically, I have a fat neck and short arms 🙁



    Also, if anyone can answer: What are some red flags in pre and post-tailoring? I took some clothes to very different places and I’m not sure if I’m having high standards or people are generally incompetent.



    Don’t try to make them fit your current body too exactly. Expect that life gets in the way and you will go up and down in weight and size. And I don’t mean that you suddenly get fat but you can gain either fat or muscle just enough that something tailored exactly for your past body will no longer fit. While clothes can be let out again it is an additional expense.

    Don’t buy jackets that don’t fit at the shoulders. That’s the one thing that is difficult and expensive to change.

    If you have clothes that are a tad too tight and no bigger size is available, try to feel how much room they have for alterations. You can check this by feeling for fabric folded inside at the back seam of a jacket or looking at the fabric inside the sleeves. Those are the limitations for altering something where you can’t just add a different fabric to make up for it. For pants a V cut can be made in the waistline at the back to give more room. This cut gets hidden by a belt and jacket quite nicely.



    I went to get some pants taken in at the waist, and I asked the tailor if he will open up from the pocket side seam and take it in from there (along with the back seam), and he said he would not because then the waist or seam will rub up against your hip area.

    Is this a real possibility or did the tailor just want to make the work easier for him?



    Buy your own sewing machine!!!! It will cost you about 50$ and you will have to learn how to sew(not that hard) but you will be able to alter and modify your clothes the way you want whenever you want!! I can tailor and hem a pair of pants in literally 15 min. with 10 cents worth of thread!!



    Do make sure you are clear between alterations and Tailoring. If you taking tailored clothing in worsted fabrics then the person altering your suits will need to know how to handle the fabric.

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