What’s the sketchiest way a retail worker tied to make you sign up for their store card?

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    What’s the sketchiest way a retail worker tied to make you sign up for their store card?



    I was in a Home Depot a couple weeks back, and when I was checking out the cashier asked if I was a “Home Depot Member”. I said no, and she said I could get 25% off my purchase if I joined. I said no, and she said “Are you sure? It doesn’t cost you anything.”

    “Seriously? What’s the catch?”

    “Nothing! I just need like your address and stuff and you’ll be a member.”

    I said fine, and she started asking me for info. I was still skeptical, so I leaned over the counter and saw she was filling out a credit card application. I was furious, and said “Fuck that! That’s a credit card! You lied to me!”

    She laughed and said, “Oh well, almost got you!”

    I have never been so angry at a cashier in my life. I wish I had time to really make a stink about it, but I was in a hurry and just left.



    Literally every store has a card and they ask you like 3 times. I know the sales people are just trained to do that but it’s still annoying. “Do you wanna save 20% by putting this on your blah blah card, and get free..”. “No.” “are you sure it’s really a goo…”. “No.” “it’s ju…” “No.”



    So earlier the retail worker asked me if I had a store card. I assumed she meant the free store card similar to H&M, etc. During this conversation she never seemed to mention that it was a credit card. It was only after she asked for my ID, which started raising some flags. And asked me to input the last four of my social. It was pretty cold how she did it. Weird AF.



    Mountain Warehouse puts fake high prices on everything they sell. You’ll see a pair of hiking boots for like €200 but €119 with a membership card. The membership card is free but you have to give your email. The difference in price is so big that you know that without the membership card thing they’d never sell anything at the fake true prices because they’d never get any customers. It doesn’t bother me so much but it seems like a huge amount of effort to go to to get an email address and some personal info.



    At Target I had an associate, an older woman with a Russian accent, randomly approach me and cry. She begged for me to get the store card/membership or whatever, saying that it would help feed her kids. I apologized and just left all my items because she wouldn’t take no as an answer.



    i hated asking people to sign up for cards. now when i have to help cashiers out cause it’s backed i don’t ask people at all.

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