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    Hi MFA,

    Long-time J Crew customer here, I mostly shop online because their Toronto stores are a bit on the small side and don’t have a great selection. The thing I’m struggling with is that I now don’t know *which* J Crew I’ll be getting when stuff arrives.

    My most recent order included [this hoodie](https://www.jcrew.com/ca/p/mens_category/sweatshirts_sweatpants/hoodie/garmentdyed-french-terry-hoodie/H4576?color_name=loden-green) and it’s great. Lovely, thick, soft fabric, cut well (maybe a bit slim for a hoodie), and I really like it. I also go [this henley](https://www.jcrew.com/ca/p/mens_category/polos_tees/triblend-shortsleeve-henley/J3212?sale=true) and it’s… thin. Very, very thin. It came in a dark colour and I can still see through it. It fits well, but it feels like it’s going to wear out in no time.

    My understanding is that the “Mercantile” line is just J Crew Factory being sold in the regular stores. I don’t really get what “J Crew Jeans” is, but I know the few “Jeans” items I’ve had have been disappointing.

    I’m also a bit confused about the Untucked fit. I ordered a bunch of them and when they arrived they were all “Slim Untucked” and none of them fit, this wasn’t super clear at the time of order, but in hindsight the product description does say “based on the slim fit”, but I ordered in a bit of a rush. Is there such a thing as a “Classic untucked”?

    The Secret Wash shirts still seem pretty good I think. I had a rugby shirt from them last year which was great (and it came in my rugby team’s colours!), but I left it on the side of a rugby field 😕. The chinos seem ok, but a bit thinner than before, I switched from Banana Republic chinos because they kept wearing out, and now I think the same will happen to my J Crew ones (the Wallace & Barnes ones fared a bit better). I’ve also had some garment-dyed t-shirts which have been great. It’s all very inconsistent.


    Anyway, I guess my question is: When ordering from J Crew, how do I know if I’m going to get something of decent quality or something that I’ll be throwing out in a few months? Are there specific lines to avoid? Anything to watch out for? As someone who doesn’t really enjoy clothes shopping, a bit part of the draw for J Crew for me was that everything used to fit well and last. This no longer seems to be the case.



    Check out Club Monaco. There’s a lot of stores in Toronto.



    As embarrassing as I am to admit it, I have been going back to my high school days and shopping at AE and Abercrombie. Their quality has been pretty great. I find things with no logo or easily removable logos to save myself from the harassment of friends lmao



    Im pretty late to this thread, so this is probably gonna get buried, but let me try to answer some of your questions. I’ve worked at J.Crew for the last 3 years as a part time job.

    In that time the quality of many items has definitely gone down steadily. However, if you know what to look for/at, then there’s still some items worth getting.

    Off the bat, I’d say avoid anything not 100% cotton or 100% wool, every blend item there will suck. And in general, blends will be shit quality (especially if it has a polyester or nylon blend).

    The new “J.Crew Jeans”, as it was told to us sales associates, is supposed to be a new line that provides basic items at a low price. However, half of it sucks all together. Avoid anything from this line that isn’t the denim jackets, those seem alright, but I’m sure there’s better out there (especially if you don’t want “stretch” in the jacket). Other items that may be worth a shot would be the rugged cotton sweaters from this line and some T-shirts.

    Avoid the new jeans at ALL COST, they’re super thin and inconsistent in the cuts.

    Some items still worth buying imo: anything garmment dyed will likely be pretty good quality, that stuff is always 100% cotton, usually very soft and comfortable. The secret wash shirts and the Oxford button up still seem pretty decent, and they really aren’t that long if you’re looking for an “untucked” option. Unfortunately, there’s only slim untucked right now and no classic untucked. Oxfords and secret wash comes in both classic and slim. Wallace and Barnes is always dope, especially if you’re looking for not super slim clothes.

    And so that was a ton, but let me know if you have any other questions.



    Their QC has taken a shit lately.

    I bought three t-shirts from them a few weeks ago and one is fine. Another one has a terribly boxy fit almost like a suit in the shoulders and the seams are super abrasive on my skin while the third is significantly smaller than the other two despite being the “same size”.



    What’s really weird is that when I first started lurking two years ago, J.Crew was *the shit*.



    I’m from Toronto here. I have to say I can’t stand the new J crew too. I have some J.crew factory items and mainline as well. I can’t tell the difference anymore.
    I would recommend Spier and Mackay if you are in the Toronto area. Have you tried Club Monaco as well? It is a similar to J. Crew as well but with less of a Americana prep style.



    I would recommend Bonobos. Pretty sure they don’t have a shop in Toronto, but exchanges and returns are really easy with them and the quality is really, really nice at a reasonable price range. They also fit me much better than J Crew and Club Monaco.



    Another alternative: Banana Republic. I’d say their quality is on par with what jcrew use to be. But they have much bigger sales, and you can find a lot of good deals in store.

    My best pickup is still probably a 100% alpaca wool cardigan which my girlfriend basically made me buy. Because just the price of the wool was worth more than they were selling the cardigan for.



    Isn’t J. Crew on the verge of bankruptcy? I think the creative director left the company last year or something.



    I think you need to diversify from J.Crew. Also you said you don’t really enjoy clothes shopping, but what you’ve described is what you’ll get if you shop from only one place.

    I suggest you try:

    * Look at the brands on Mr. Porter; they do have some mid-range items. You could shop direct with those brands.
    * James Perse (touch more expensive than J.Crew, but great)
    * Save Khaki, (touch more expensive than J.Crew, but great)




    Try [Taylor Stitch](https://www.taylorstitch.com/)

    Slightly more expensive, but often much higher quality than mall brands like J. Crew or Club Monaco.



    So you bought a henley described as lightweight and you’re upset that the fabric is thin… What exactly were you expecting? Where did you think the light weight was coming from?



    You literally bought a lightweight henley meant for summer and you’re complaining how thin it is. Jesus christ, peak fucking reddit.



    My J Crew replacement has been Abercrombie. Great quality and usually available on a solid sale. Lots of pieces with minimal or no branding.

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