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    I know I’m coming ever closer to my aspiration of southwestern grunge realism and Twin Peaks set in Northern New Mexico. Some days I even make it happen and pull it off. I’m honest with myself though, most days my fashion reality comes down to frumptastic 90s’esque clothing, basics from discount stores, nice offbeat jewelry and accessories, and spendy sensible shoes.



    Aspiration: moody, mysterious teacher at a haunted boarding school for girls in coastal Maine, pining after a long lost fisherman. Tall boots, giant dark wool coats, exquisitely haphazard pile of hair with lil tendrils peeping out, tea length plaid skirts for going to the market on the docks, perpetually carrying a basket of lupines

    Reality: Sometimes I set out a fresh set of pajamas in the morning while I’m getting ready for work and put them by the door so I can take off my work uniform the second I get home



    Aspiration: the person who always looks put together and pretty without trying too hard, mixes trends with classics

    Reality: wut r u doin



    My aspiration is casual androgynous design student with a laid back style but nice trousers and structured, smart shoes for that intimidatingly cool vibe

    My reality is kindergarten teacher who’s going to show up looking like different flavors of young and naive every single day



    aspiration: Americana with a boho witchy twist, free spirit that lives out of a remodeled VW bus that somehow manages to look put together on the road and hikes around the Western states in a velvet fringe shawl

    reality: business casual lumberjack



    Aspiration: Fight fast fashion, unsustainable production and mass market consumerism while looking artistic, thoughtful, and intentional in ethically made, luxe minimalist clothes for my capsule wardrobe.

    Reality: spend $200+ per peice to look like a frumpy hobo.

    I love the look SO much but it has never worked for me… when will I ever learn?



    Aspiration: Weddnesday Addams grows up and gets a job in an art gallery.

    Reality: Aging goth wearing an asymmetrical sack.



    Aspiration: Downton Abbey character

    Reality: Helena Bonham-Carter caught off guard by paparazzi



    Aspiration: Boston Brahmin who went to boarding school in Denmark. (Rich materials and conservative colors, but more modern/casual silhouettes.)




    What a great question!

    Aspiration: East Coast prep mixed with just enough New York City chic to sex it up a bit. This [image](https://i.pinimg.com/564x/fe/38/47/fe38470c68b1f69599f30674edfe60b1.jpg) is my dream aesthetic.

    Reality: As a grad student I work from home most days. I do make a point to “get dressed” every day, but because it’s cold now and my office is freezing it usually ends up being some version of leggings and an oversized sweater with fuzzy socks. On the days when I do have to venture out of the house for meetings or class, my brain inevitably short circuits when I’m getting dressed. I have an idea in my head of what I want to look like but it has been several days since I actually dressed for another human’s eyes, the walk from the car to the campus is too cold to attempt a non-pants outfit, and my bum knee is acting up so I’m restricted to flats. I usually do manage to incorporate my beloved pearls with whatever I end up throwing on which makes me feel a bit better, but overall it’s kind of a vicious cycle.



    Aspiration: classic and timeless cool girl with a little bit of an edge. Simple tees with the badass leather jacket, fresh faced, lots of black but without looking too mall goth.

    Reality: boring. Very boring.



    How do you guys find and define your aspiration so nicely? My aspiration is to have an aspiration.



    Aspiration: chic business casual that doesn’t surprise you if I’m also at a heavy metal concert on the weekends.

    Reality: one of my coworkers saw an old FB picture of me with bright pink hair. It surprised her and she said I seemed too well put together and conservative for that.

    …I’ve got a ways to go.



    Aspiration: “off-duty-model style”. Like casual, flattering clothes that fit well and don’t really stick out. Maybe throw some weird, interesting stuff in there, but wear it in a way that makes it look super easy. Trendy but not too trendy.

    Reality: heavy utilization of the floordrobe means I wear the same pants like 3x a week.



    Aspiration: 1970s David Bowie
    Reality: I love burritos

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