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    Doggo just chewed my brand new loafers 🙁



    Every nice pair of underwear I ever owned by my period. And I had this awesome floral dress with pockets I wore everywhere the zipper broke so I asked my sister to fix it and never saw it again. She said she prpbably gave it away.



    Beautiful ivory silk and lace blouse that started to turn yellow and no bleaching could make it white again.
    Considering dyeing it black.



    Not ruined, but accidentally tossed out. When packing up our apartment to move, I put all of my clothes in garbage bags instead of boxes so they would take up less space…we also had actual trash in the same color bags. One day my boyfriend thought he was taking out the trash and accidentally threw out one bag full of some of my favorite pieces. By the time we noticed, the bag was already long gone. RIP my favorite emerald green Madewell sweater and brand new (and not cheap) down parka.



    Silk blouse. Broken nail. I don’t have anything else to say.



    I’m 33 now, and when I was 15/16, I had a couple of fitted hoodies with 3/4 length sleeves that I LOVED – one was deep red, the other was navy blue. My younger sister, who was 7/8 at the time, used to steal them and wear them like sweatshirts. The red one was ruined by black paint. The navy blue one was left outside in the rain and then sat in the sun for a week and ended up with this weird patchy bleached-out look. I was so freaking mad.

    A few years back I was visiting a friend for a few days. We went out to dinner and while we were out, one of her dogs chewed up one of my brand new boat shoes. When we got back and she saw what happened, she just said “Oh, that sucks” – didn’t offer to pay to replace them or anything. I’m still mad about that.



    Husband put new cashmere sweater in the laundry… I only got to wear it once!

    EDIT: sorry for your loss 🙁



    My cat peed on and ruined a pair of thigh-high, very expensive suede boots I had for only a month. No matter how hard I tried I could get it off. 🙁



    Had bedbugs. Panicked, threw all my clothes on the hottest wash and then the highest dry. About half came through intact. 🙁 That was a fun couple months, I kept almost everything put away after laundering and just kept 2 of those Ziploc space saver bags for clothes until I was in the clear.



    I found a pastel pink parka at a thrift store that I was just IN LOVE with. I got up to the register, opened my wallet and realized that I misplaced my debit card! It was 10 minutes until close and I begged the cashier to just put the parka behind the counter and I would be back in the morning when they opened. She refused and said that the jacket would go back to the sorting room, and then get put back on the floor. The next day, I show up at opening and THE CASHIER IS THERE ON HER DAY OFF BUYING MY PARKA!!!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna lose it that day. But I guess the parka was never mine to begin with..



    I bought this beautiful gray part cashmere cardigan from Banana Republic on sale for a job interview. It was expensive. I wore it to the interview (got the offer) and several times after, it was so nice and elevated every outfit. My boyfriend is good at following laundry instructions, and I told him sweaters don’t go in the dryer, but he put it in the dryer because he did not visually identify it as a sweater. We have been in an ongoing ontological debate about “what is a sweater” ever since.



    My ladybug bracelet. My ex stole it. I saved up when I was 13 to buy it, had it until I was 20 when he stole it, wore it everyday. It was around $300 then (like $600 now), 14k, hand painted lady bugs all connecting to each other with a lobster clasp. It was my prized possession. He stole it, then sent me a video of him throwing it into a river.

    Fucked up. Seriously fucked up.



    We have a 5 month old puppy. So far he has torn my perfect vintage levis, ripped a realisation par silk dress the first time I wore it, ripped my equipment silk blouse, ripped my brand new Frame sweatshirt that I’d only worn once, and made a hole in my best chunky sweater. I love him to pieces, but my god does he have a taste for the expensive items. If I’m wearing sweatpants he doesn’t care, but if it’s expensive or new, he’s all about it.



    My dog chewed up my Docs many years ago. It was a sad, sad day.



    Dry cleaners ruined my silk Sézane top, I guess they put some kind of harsh cleaner on it which made it a spot go lighter. I was thinking about trying to dye it a different color since I love it so much. I would literally pay someone to professionally re-dye it but I don’t think that’s a thing.

    Dry cleaners have pretty much ruined all my clothes. Iron mark on my Dolan dress, sapped all the color out of a pair of mustard trousers. And this is all different dry cleaners. I try and tell them such and such is made out of a special material (silk, whatever the hell those Dolan coast dresses are made of), but they always just wave it off.



    I washed a really nice sweater with a new pair of dark wash jeans (like the genius I am) and the sweater got covered in inky blue stains. It sucked. I still mourn for that sweater.



    a beautiful silk babydoll dress in matte black with muted gold/creme polka dots that my mother gave me. a “friend” borrowed it and put it in the dryer. didnt even apologize. we are not friends anymore 🙁



    I had a beautiful multicolored boho skirt that I used to wear all the time in the summer and one day my bf (now husband) accidentally burned a hole in it with his cigarette. Thank goodness he quit smoking.



    Graphic tee from way back when Zara was good. I generally can’t stomach graphic tees, but I was 100% behind this one. Spilled purple nail polish on it. Don’t ask me how -_-



    Omg. Had a favorite jacket that I wore for fall and spring, it was black, slightly waterproof with a hood that actually fit perfectly, and warm. It was getting colder and I decided to stop into a department store on my way to work to browse pea coats.

    I was unzipping my black coat to try one on, and then my shirt got stuck in the zipper, and it wouldn’t budge. This destroyed not only the zipper on my favorite jacket, but the shirt also happened to be my favorite cotton tee from Gap. So. Ruined my favorite shirt and favorite jacket in one go. Had to rip the shirt out (made a huge hole) and pull the jacket off over my head.

    The unfortunate part was i HAD to buy a coat because it was freezing. If there’s a silver lining I guess it’s that I still wear that pea coat constantly, but man. That was a devastating moment.



    I lost all of my lingerie, not super expensive La Perla but a nice and cute collection I was slowly growing, and all of my pants to my mom trying to be nice. She took my clothes with her to the laundry mat and LEFT THEM BEHIND in a washer. It’s been like 5 years and I’m still salty about it, can’t bring myself to buy anything nicer than target brand.



    I don’t have a lot of money to spend on fancy clothes, so when I do buy something nice I get very emotionally attached.

    My mom put my favorite sweater, a grey cropped turtleneck from J.Crew, in the dryer. I will never be able to forgive her.



    I had a super cute grey leather crossbody bag with fringe that was my go to travel bag. It was very easy to use, perfect amount of pockets, carried weight well, that kind of thing. We were on a road trip in Arizona and stopped at a wildlife park where you could feed deer and alpaca and llamas. We were all super excited to visit and spent like an hour feeding and petting these silly animals. When we went to get into the car, I realized that these silly animals had chewed all the fringe off of my purse. =(



    Put my gorgeous Banana Republic sweater in the dryer thinking it wouldn’t be too affected… I have never seen something **shrink** that much 🙁 It’s a size medium and now fits like an extra small



    I had some green shorts that fit me so well and were so comfortable. They were the first pair of shorts that I really enjoyed wearing because of my hips. Well, my shitty ex and I were arguing and he just grabs at me and rips them as I’m about to walk away. Really loved those shorts. Really hate that dude.

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