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    For me, for a long time, it was skinny jeans. I had a few pairs of Levi’s mid-rise skinnies that I could reliably pull on and pair with some flats and almost any top in my closet.

    Now that silhouettes are changing, I need a new go-to.

    What’s your everyday pant? What shoes do you wear with it?



    It’s about to be winter in the Midwest, I’m not fucking with new silhouettes until the groundhog sees his shadow



    According to my Stylebook Stats (Jan1-today) here how my pants stack up:
    * 47 days: Uniqlo black cropped legging pants (jeggings, I wear s size smaller as they do stretch. My other pair didn’t stay in rotation long.). These are my go to pants except during Winter.
    * 44 days: Levi’s jeans. Demi curve, straight leg, indigo wash.
    * 21 days: black leggings
    * 15 days: Uniqlo smart legging pants in dark grey
    * 13 days: olive green linen pants

    All the rest are less than 13 days. My next pants purchase will probably be a pair of black jeans followed by a cropped pair of indigo jeans.



    I still love my levi skinnies but can’t do those every day. I avoided getting boyfriend jeans for a while because they in general seem unflattering for my frame… but I recently got a pair and I could wear them every day. Who knew jeans could be super comfortable when they’re not skin tight. Also the same day I got these I bought the align lululemon leggings. I’m super cheap and this was out of character for me but both were extremely worth it!

    Most days I wear black keds with close to everything



    I probably spent over half of the year in the same two pairs of jeans – I swear they are magic jeans. They’re skinny jeans from J Crew Factory, one is a dark blue wash and one is a light blue wash. They fit me perfectly in the waist, hip, thighs, etc. I don’t care that trends are changing, for me it’s skinny jeans forever. Most days I wear white or gray sneakers (with the leathery material, not the fabric kind) or black chelsea boots. I’m a university student and these jeans never feel uncomfortable through 3 hour lectures.



    I keep hearing that skinny jeans are on their way out but I sure don’t see what everyone is talking about. Maybe southern California is just super slow to adopt new fashion tends because skinnies are still basically all I see around here.

    I still have lots of skinnies in my daily rotation but I also have a few pairs of very slim, straight leg jeans that I’ve started wearing more and more often and I’m totally digging them.

    [Here’s an example](https://cdn.lookastic.co.uk/looks/trenchcoat-crew-neck-t-shirt-skinny-jeans-large-8882.jpg) of the cut I’m talking about. [And another example](http://www.ontha.com/wp-content/uploads/Women-Straight-Cut-Jeans-2012-1.jpg).

    I’ve had really good luck with the fit and style of Kut From The Kloth straight leg jeans, which is awesome because they’re inexpensive. I think they look best with flat sandals, loafers, ballet flats or cuffed with ankle booties.



    My new go-to has been my American Eagle ‘Mom’ jeans. The fit is great and they’re way comfier than skin tight skinnies. I honestly wear them with every kind of shoe.



    I have cropped 501 Levi’s in a light wash that I love and wear almost whenever they’re clean these days. They’re a bit too big for me and very casual so they’ve become my « going outside » pajamas. They can really work with any shoes and I usually just tuck in a T-shirt or sweater for casual days since it’s pretty high waisted.



    I’ve been wearing these for the past few winters:

    [boyfriend jeans](https://i.imgur.com/XcK8pid.jpg)

    [straight leg jeans](https://i.imgur.com/xrfUz3x.jpg)

    [uniqlo ezy jeans which are basically sweatpants disguised as jeans](https://i.imgur.com/rZbUwXi.jpg)

    [wide leg pants](https://i.imgur.com/2AExM5n.jpg) and [wider leg pants](https://i.imgur.com/BcD35pw.jpg) (these brown ones are new).

    I wear all of these with ankle boots. When it’s legit cold (I’m in the northern midwest) I wear these [Kodiak chelsea boots](https://i.imgur.com/n8dDRxK.jpg) or these [Timberlands](https://i.imgur.com/nKuD2H1.jpg). If I’m in a situation where I have to be outside for a long time and might actually freeze, I’ll wear snowpants.



    Mom jeans! I never thought they’d suit me but I have two pairs that look great and I wear them way more often. And I’ve been wearing black skinny jeans nonstop for about..4 years now. I also think Mom jeans look super cute with heeled chelsea boots.

    I like the Levi’s wedgie jean and my other pair is from Pull&Bear. But I’m eyeing up a pair from Monki now…



    Right now I’m loving my [Lululemon on the move pant](https://shop.lululemon.com/p/women-pants/On-The-Move-Pant-28/_/prod8980299?color=0001). I think what’s great about these pants is that they were perfect for travelling, going to meetings, dressing up and dressing down. I totally love them. They are comfy and stylish.

    Also, my only concern was that they looked sporty which was quickly relieved by the compliments I received when styling them differently.



    I’m really into Uniqlo’s [EZY pants](https://www.uniqlo.com/sg/store/women-ezy-ankle-length-pants-4126180004.html) (I have the blue plaid). I wear them with heels for work or with docs for a more casual look.



    Wait, what? Skinnies are out?



    My everyday pants are two pairs of blue skinny jeans in contrasting washes and a black leather legging. They go with everything and are extremely flattering on with looser tops and a third layer (a silhouette I’ve just diverged into, opposed to the fitted top/looser bottom uniform that I’ve been wearing for years). I’ve recently purchased a pair of black skinny pants that I hope work out and become part of my wardrobe workhorses.



    I Feel you on the jean struggle. I’m looking for some kick crop or wide leg cropped jeans. Unfortunately since I’m only 5 3 they all come too long. Any suggestions?



    Black culottes with a tie belt! I wear them to work, to the shops, to restaurants. They can be dressed up or down, don’t know what I ever did without them!



    Recently I bought these Bershka dark wash mom jeans and I am OBSESSED! They aren’t too loose or too tight, and although they aren’t very stretchy I feel very secure in them. The fabric is thick and durable and its ever so slightly distressed. Also amazing bonus is that they’re short enough for my very short legs. Not to mention I got them for $35 off asos! [This model picture doesn’t do them justice!! >:(](https://m.asos.com/us/bershka/bershka-mom-jean/prd/10331907?CTAref=We%20Recommend%20Carousel_4&featureref1=we%20recommend%20pers)



    I love slim/straight pants, but every time I try a pair I give up immediately, because those jeans are just not cut for muscular calves 🙁 It just looks bad when the jean is suddenly snug around the thickest part of your calf and it ends up twisting the fabric above and below. I just stick to skinnies with a bit of stretch–lately I’ve been wearing the new Everlane ankle stretch jeans in black and I’m reasonably pleased with them. Usually I pair them with light grey street Nikes, black leather booties with 2″ heels, or (my favorite) [Thursday black waxed twill Captains](https://thursdayboots.com/products/womens-captain-boot-black-twill?collection=womens-boots).



    I’ve spent the last 8 months losing weight so my standard is literally whatever Old Navy straight leg is in stock and fits and is no more than $20. I’m thinking about adding in a ponte legging so I can tuck them into my snow boots when the snow comes, but if I do that I suspect I won’t need them as the weather tends to change once I buy a new piece. I bought boots, it didn’t snow more than flurries for 3 winters. I bought a perfect selection of light jackets, we haven’t had a real spring or fall in 2 years.



    really weird, but “old man pants”. Trousers in earth tones, in subtle yet interesting prints, and in plaid. I can pair them with almost any shirt I own, and dress up or down as much as I want. They’re super versatile, and incredibly comfortable. They tend to be fitted around the waist and butt, and relaxed in the thighs and legs.



    I’ve been really liking my Loft ponte pants, I have 3 pairs in different colors. I wear them with button downs, breton tops, sweaters, etc. And for shoes I’ve been wearing [these](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NCN5XL5/ref=twister_B06WVDK3TW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) Tevas that I love, also starting to wear with them with boots as well.



    My favorite pants for a couple years now has been Madewell’s high-rise skinny crop jeans! For my height, the crop fits me like a full length without having to cuff the bottoms and the waistline falls at the perfect place. I regularly frequent Poshmark for this exact pant and will buy any color I don’t have yet when I find it for under $30. I’m obsessed. They are still skinnies, but I think the high-rise keeps up with the changing silhouette.



    My everyday jeans are the Everlane High Waisted jeans, but in reality, my everyday pants are the Talbots Chatham Ankle pants. THey have a side zipper which makes them feel really polished.



    My go to are a pair of [navy Cohen pants](https://www.aritzia.com/us/en/product/cohen-pant-linen/59588.html) I picked up from Aritzia on hella sale earlier this year. I thought I’d only wear them for work, but I find myself lounging in them or running errands on the weekends.

    For work, I’ll usually pair them with my [Madewell Jess loafers](https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjNyJvW2pXeAhWSwGQKHTEeDG8YABAFGgJwag&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASEuRoezTCwnKZ1PguXX0TG6PwiQ&sig=AOD64_04AxC_VeHjXESxFIHPiE4dQeLIvw&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwiy4JbW2pXeAhVwJTQIHSDMAgAQwg8INg&adurl=) and on the weekends, a pair of [Freda Salvador Keen mules](https://www.fredasalvador.com/collections/mules/products/keen-mule-nude-woven-calf).



    Levi’s 501 Shrink to Fit men’s jeans. I own two pairs of those and wear them almost exclusively. I have a pair of J Brand Maria lamb leather pants that I rotate in sometimes, and one pair of Lucky Brand skinnies. That’s pretty much my whole pants wardrobe.

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