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    Like the title says, what’s your opinion on Dr Martens? Do you like the patent boots? Or do you prefer the plain black? Or maybe the red ones? If you have some do they still have a place in your current wardrobe?



    Docs are great but also a pretty specific style. I think they’ve cycled out of being generally trendy and it’s back to just musicians, art students and old punx wearing them. They’re objectively ugly, because they’re a work boot… but I also feel like I could kick Kavanaugh’s skull in while I’m wearing them, so there’s that.

    I wear them at least once a week, if not more, to be ready to crush the skulls of the old boys club. They’re in the shoe rack by the front door rather than in my closet, so I’m ready to go out the door and drive Mitch McConnel’s face further into his neck. I’ve had them about 4 years, and they’re just starting to get a bit ugly… this is without serious leather care, and the tarnish of stepping on the faces of prominent conservative men. They would probably be a lot better looking if I bought the wonder balsam and some leather conditioner, and if women and nb folx could be treated with basic human respect. I wash them with a damp cloth then hit them with a Kiwi black leather care pen every now and again when I have to take them out somewhere fancy. It adds a bit of color back in, which I find that these old white men tend to drain.

    More importantly, patent leather attracts heinous scuffs which I find lowers the lifespan of shoes due to ugly factor. I have 2 pairs of made in england 10 eye boots in plain black leather. I do have a favorite pair of patent “dress” shoes, that have been lowered to casual office wear due to scuffs from attempting to stomp on the faces of the catholic bishops that covered up child sexual abuse. Don’t buy $150 scuff magnets, they aren’t particularly useful for overthrowing the patriarchy.



    I love my docs. I have the 1460s in the black, original leather. I’ve had them for almost 10 years and wear them 3-7 times a week. They are my all time favorite shoes. I don’t polish them as much as they deserve (I condition with coconut oil every few *years*), but they seem to hold up fine. I wear them to concerts, to the grocery market, to job interviews, and I’d wear those bitches on my wedding day if I ever decided to get hitched. I can walk for miles in them (and have) without getting sore feet. If I could only have one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be my docs. I hope my future grandkids wear a 9.5 because at this rate, my docs are fixing to become a family heirloom.



    I’ve been trying to dress more in accordance with my grunge casual/laid back queer vibe so doc martens are right up my alley, but I honestly can’t decide if I like them or not. My friends and I jokingly call them lesbian combat boots.



    I do the original because I am the queen of scuffing my shoes, and it’s way easier to fix that on original that patent. Plus, I personally think scuffing can look kind of cool and “weathered” on traditional leather finish whereas on patent it just looks like you scratched the hell out of your shoes.

    Because my feet are so tiny I technically have a “junior’s” size, so I think the leather is slightly softer. They look like the traditional 1460 8-eye boots but they have a zipper on the inside. They’re my go-to casual shoes as long as it isn’t above 75 degrees (above that they make my ankles sweaty). I’ve had them for about 3 years now and although they’re definitely more scuffed and creased than they were when I got them, they’ve still held up much better than any cheaper boot I’ve ever worn. I think I’ll get about 3-4 more years in them before I completely wear out the soles from how often I wear them.



    They’re my all time favorite shoe! I have the 1460s in black vegan leather and another in green leather and then a black leather Diva Darcie heeled boot, which are the most comfortable heels I own actually.

    My favorite one I have is a really rare awesome pair they don’t even make anymore that’s a mid calf 14 eye boot with half lace up eyelets and half hook eyelets with a couple buckles around it. More of a combat boot/goth/alternative look as compared to regular Docs but they’re super special and I love them!!

    Anyway, I highly recommend Docs because they’re affordable for the longevity and quality and they’re a classic style that goes with everything. If you think the black ones or the lace up ones are too intense they also have brown ones or laceless ones, like the chelsea style.

    I pretty much wear the black Docs every single day, except during the winter just because the soles don’t have the best grip if you live somewhere with a lot of black ice like here (Canadia). I’ve considered the patents but again because of where I live the finish wouldn’t last for long and it would probably bother me, but I think they’re great as a bit of a texture change especially if you wear a lot of blacks and neutrals.

    I should also clarify that I got the vegan ones because they were out of the leather ones in my size but it turned out to be a good thing because I didn’t even need to break them in and they need less maintenance/polishing than my leather ones do.

    Anyway you’ve gotten me started talking about my boots which is my favorite thing ever so I’m gonna stop while I’m ahead or we’ll be here all night.



    I won’t talk about aesthetics because that’s pretty subjective.

    Docs are VERY frequently recommended as comfortable shoes. So much so that every once in a while I go into a store and try on various types because I’m after comfortable shoes. And I’ve never found a pair that works for me. As a note, I have fallen arches (need orthotics), skinny heels, wide at the front, and regular Egyptian toes. Docs don’t work for this combination because

    – they’re too flat. For my feet, something slightly more elevated in the back works better (even just an inch or so, not sky-high).

    – the slight platform makes the shoes bulky and difficult to steer for me

    – the length, width, height and toe box don’t work together for my foot shape

    Just to say that if Docs don’t work for you as a comfort shoe it may have to do with your foot type rather than not trying hard enough to break them in or something.



    I just got my first pair of docs ([these ones](https://www.drmartens.com/ca/p/womens-shoes-spectra-patent-dupree)) about two weeks ago and I am loving them. I work in a semi-casual engineering office, and I have worn them with jeans and with tights & skirts/ dresses. I’ve had a bunch of compliments from coworkers (male & female) and no funny looks for what are definitely out-of-the-ordinary office shoes. Best part is they match both black & navy tights.

    I guess depending how/ where you’re planning on wearing them you might want to pick one over the other. If more casual, then go for the plain, dressier go for the patent. OR if the red ones tick both those boxes and match most of your wardrobe, go for those ones 😉



    I have the very unpopular opinion that Dr. Martens are unattractive. To me, they’re too boxy, too masculine, and just not an appealing looking shoe.

    I’m a short curvy girl, so I prefer a little bit of heel to elongate my proportions, and considering Dr. Martens usually are flat and have a blunt round toe, it doesn’t work with my body type.

    Now, I understand that many, many women love these shoes, and they make it work for them. I just prefer something more feminine, something with a more pointy toe, and a bit of a heel.

    And since I’m not one to say something sucks and not provide a solution, this is what I have been eyeballing for a while: [https://thursdayboots.com/products/womens-revel-black](https://thursdayboots.com/products/womens-revel-black)

    (and I hope that my opinion doesn’t offend anyone here, and it is seen as constructive. I know I’m one of very few women who hold this thought, and it is just an opinion, afterall!)



    I have 5 pairs. I think it’s safe to say I like them!

    I have a knee length pair, a calf length fold over pair, an ankle length pair with loads of lace holes and a rear zip, a pair with Richard Dadd’s Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke printed on them and a pair of shoes. The shoes, knee length ones and my calf length ones are all Virginia leather which is soft and buttery and oh so comfortable.

    I wear them with everything.



    I’ve had three pairs over the years; red patent 1460s that I could never break in and gave away, brown Crazy Horse gaucho Chelsea boots which I sold because the toe box was just too round for my liking (very comfy to wear though) and black patent 1461s that I’ve been wearing for 2-3 years. They’re quite versatile and I like that they can be worn in rainy weather unlike my other leather shoes.

    That said, if I could go back in time, I’d get the 1461s in matte leather instead of patent. They were an absolute bitch to break in just like the red 1460s and scuff marks make the shoe look kind of naff, plus patent leather isn’t as breathable. But there is no way in hell I’m buying a new pair and going through the break in period again.



    I wear my [nylon Doc Martens](https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/p/mens-boots-extra-tough-nylon-rubbery-combs) pretty much every day when it’s rainy out, I’m on my second pair (the first pair still look good after heavy use but they accidentally got folded when I was traveling and the soles cracked). They’re definitely a more masculine/gender neutral shoe so I think it depends on your style as to whether or not it’ll work for you, as well as how casual your wardrobe is. I wear a lot of black and my style is like… lazy gay minimalist witch who almost looks like she has it together but not quite. So I feel this is the perfect shoe for that.



    I currently have 4 pairs, and eyeing another one. I love them. 🙂 I have the 1460 in plain black, the flora chelsea boots in arcadia red, pandora double monk strap in chestnut, and the hawley monk. (I would link, but i dont know how to on mobile 🙁 )

    I’ve had my 1460s for around 5 years and they are still going strong. They’re very versatile and I’ve been wearing them regularly since I got them (from when I lived in a tropical country and even more so after i moved to a country with a more boot-friendly weather).



    I’ve had multiple pairs of Dr Martens over the years. Currently I have a pair of 9 hole boots in dark brown called Amelie. I love these boots, unlike some Docs in the past there was no break-in period – not a single blister. I’ve had them about 4 years at this point and I’m sure they’ll be around for many more.



    I just got the Delphine, which is a more refined boot with broguing and I love them! [delphine](https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/p/womens-boots-polished-smooth-delphine)

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