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    Disclaimer: I’m an 11 year old talking about men’s fashion. Ignore my post all you want.


    Personally, I think Men’s fashion is boring. I know this is a commonly discussed topic, but it has not changed in the past few decades. It’s just shirt, pants, shoes, done. Women’s fashion is so diverse that they can wear two completely different outfits in a day because they have so many options. Why don’t men wear chokers? Because they’re supposedly feminine. BUT WHY? Why is it this way? Men can wear chokers and look great, yet they are called gay as a degrading term. The main reason why men’s fashion has not evolved is due to ourselves. Most of the male community is toxic towards androgynous clothing, and even makeup. Women wear makeup to cover up their imperfections, why don’t men do that? Many men have tried to start a clothing revolution, but they are pushed to silence by other simply because they don’t like it. I’m tired of the old shirt+pants combo. I would love to wear a choker, or Chelsea boots, because even a type of boot is pushed out of the men’s fashion range. Retailers don’t carry this type of clothing. I leave you with one question.


    Why aren’t we doing something?




    As a 6 year old I’ve begun to notice this as well. Just last night, I was unwinding with some Peppa Pig, and the thought crossed my mind at how liberating jumping into muddy puddles in a summer dress must be.



    I’m pretty certain when I was not capable of this grammar at 11 years old.






    I know it’s beside the point, but a lot of guys wear chelsea boots.

    > Why aren’t we doing something?

    People aren’t going to wear things they don’t like. If most guys don’t want to wear chokers, then it will never become a thing in mens’ fashion. If you want to wear one, no one can stop you.



    Do whatever you want my guy. No one is keeping you from doing whatever you want. People don’t like it? That’s fine. At the end of the day it’s your choices.



    Wearing things outside of the norm is going to have an effect on your social life. Wearing chokers is probably going to make you a target the same way wearing a fedora or wearing a blazer casually might. Making chokers a thing in male fashion isn’t going to prevent you from being made fun of. Just being a little out of the norm of whatever culture your school has is going to get you flak.

    The question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you want to wear chokers more or not have some kids making fun of you for a bit. All I’d say is if you make a choice, stick with it and don’t shy away. Don’t teach yourself and whoever makes fun of you that you bend to a little bullying.



    Men’s fashion *has* in fact evolved in many ways. Men used to wear makeup, heels, plumage, and peacock colors, but that was 300 years ago. Men today, in metropolitan areas, do usually count Chelsea boots among their standard shoe collection. Some of our fashion traditions stem from historic gender roles, and some come from what’s most comfortable to wear while carrying out the daily necessities of those gender roles.

    While you may think that the sheer number of options available to women is freeing, there are many women who hate the choices available to them because many come with confining rules and requirements as to how the clothes must be worn, what time of the day they must be worn, and what shape the woman must be to fit the mold required for the outfit. In part, women have so many options available to them because as recently as 100 years ago, ladies of a certain standing were required to change clothes 4 to 6 times per day to suit the hour of the occasion.

    Chokers were a demure way to accentuate a woman’s neck while allowing her *décolletage* to still take center stage. Men instead have worn accessories that sit lower on the neck, such as ties, neckerchiefs, and ascots. Men wear these because they are not trying to showcase their half naked chest in a low-cut dress. The closest thing we have to a choker in this scenario would be a shirtless man wearing a bow tie. But most importantly, the main reason men have never worn chokers is because physically, we as men have a little lump in our throats called an *Adam’s apple*, and a properly placed and tightened choker would irritate it to no end.



    The wide world of men’s fashion opens up once you graduate from high school and/or find more disposable income.



    The world definitely feels this way when you’re young. Then you leave and go to college and find yourself in a place where people celebrate differences, and (generally) aren’t so self-conscious that they feel the need to bully themselves and others into such narrow types. Wait til you get older and you’ll see that what you want has already come to pass.



    Idk I’m fine the way it is. Dressing nice to me means wearing stuff that fits and doesnt look ridiculous in whatever setting I’m in. I wear Chelsea’s all the time and no one has ever said a word to me about them. If you want to dress fashiony and wear makeup and wear chokers and cheetah high heels then just fucking do it man. Live your life what do you care what other men find acceptable?



    Men’s fashion has been more interesting than women’s fashion in the past few years, to be honest.



    Most clothing that is broadly favored *for* men *by* both men and women is stuff that is somewhat utilitarian, or at least utilitarian in origin. Most men’s clothing is ultimately derived from military clothing and workwear.

    This utilitarian emphasis mirrors the fact that society values men for their *utility.* It’s rarely enough for a man to merely show up and be pretty, rather a man is expected to be capable of *labor and force,* and he is esteemed in proportion to these capabilities. Such capabilities can be hinted at with fitness, knowledge, charisma, coolness under pressure, or even outfits that suggest ruggedness or professionalism. A man who does not display these capabilities does not broadcast desired value to most others – even if he’s decorative, beautiful, and elegant.

    Women can likewise cultivate a capacity for labor and force. That merits professional respect, but you won’t find a lot of guys who are drawn to providers and protectors; it’s just not what they lack. On the other hand, a woman is born with biological reproductive value far beyond one man’s, and we’ve evolved to treat them with special esteem because of this: we protect women more than men, and a man has often been expected to make much greater sacrifices of time, resources, and safety in pursuit of a mate. As a result, women’s clothing sometimes winds up being less restricted to utilitarian concerns, and more visually decorative.

    That’s the way we instinctively value men and women, and that’s the way society and most people are set up. That’s why more women are drawn to guys who look capable rather than pretty, thus why most men are more interested in looking capable rather than pretty, thus why men are more likely to buy sturdy jeans than mascara palettes. That’s the way society and most people are set up, BUT…

    YOU don’t have to choose to live your life that way. You can make decisions for yourself. You can choose what you value in yourself. You can choose what sides of yourself you’d like to emphasize to the world. You do have to live among others, and you can’t force other people to like your choices, or to react the way you want. You can’t force enough people to make the same choices, so that these choices become popular or commonly available. But as you get older you WILL be able to choose what sorts of people you surround yourself with. And you can always choose how you react when someone says or does something that you don’t like.



    If your not looking like black top or concrete or trees then well your just not male, (colors black , gray, camo) which to me means they design men’s fashion to blend into the background and women’s to stand out.



    Retailers carry everything, you just can’t afford the weird shit. Browse Farfetch or Matches and try to tell me all you see is “the old shirt+pants combo”

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