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    Ladies, I love my leggings. I run outdoors a lot and there’s several brands that keep me warm: Athleta, Lululemon, Northface, Under Armour, the list goes on for athletic brand leggings.

    But when it comes to office-friendly leggings (mainly, leggings that don’t have funky designs and don’t have logo’s smeared all over them), all I have are my Express leggings and a super warm pair (much thicker!) that I found on the sale rack at American Eagle three years ago that just don’t fit anymore (I keep them because maybe I can in to them again one day! Who knows!!)

    *Can we please get a list going of more office friendly *warm* leggings???*

    I’ve heard Uniqlo has heat-teach leggings but I’ve never purchased anything from them so I’m hesitant.



    CHAMPION HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS FROM TARGET. They feel like butter and they smooth all your lumps and bumps. You can’t tell they’re sport leggings at all because they’re not shiny and the seaming is minimal.

    They even wrote a [Buzzfeed article]( about them.

    I have three pairs and they’re like my babies. I bought the first pair like… four or five years ago and they’re still holding up. I wear them in summer to work out because they keep me cool, in winter under dresses because they keep me warm (the Thermos of leggings). They’re like Vantablack or something because it just looks like you have opaque black legs.

    This has been a love letter.



    Additionally, are there any tights with feet that are thick like leggings so I can wear under dresses? I know I can wear regular leggings but I like them to go all the way so my feet/shoes don’t look weird



    Check out JCrew Ponte Pants. Feel like legging but look like pants.



    Primark has awesome fleece-lined leggings for super cheap. As far as I know, the only physical store in the states is in Boston, but you can always order online.



    Uniqlo has heat tech leggings but they are meant to be worn under another layer of pants.

    Any general leggings I’ve found from Uniqlo tend to be semi see-through which might definitely not be office-friendly.



    Idk what counts as office friendly as far as leggings go but my favorites are those leggings that are fleece lined that you can find almost anywhere like Target.



    >Winter is here!!

    I reject that notion. You have no power here. No. Nope. No. Your here is defective.



    does anyone have an inspo album or advice for 2018 legging looks? i can’t figure out how to wear leggings and not look [like its 2014]( no shade, i want to stay warm too!

    EDIT: this conundrum has troubled me greatly, so i decided to try to answer my own question. [made a pinboard](! i’m still mad skeptical that leggings are not completely OUT, but these images give me hope.

    the “rules” seem to be:

    – racetrack leggings are in, especially in or with muted warm colors (what i think of as 70s colors)
    – mostly mid or high waisted to be worn with cropped tops of all sorts, but especially cropped oversized sweaters/hoodies.
    – alternatively, puffy down, faux fur, or moto leather jackets pair well also.
    – i’m seeing mostly vegan leather and metallics with a few seasonal variations (plaid, leopard print, camo, etc). wool leggings look VERY streamlined and office friendly with a tucked in turtleneck.
    – if pairing with an oversized sweater, it should be french tucked. straight hems are preferred, not circular or asymmetrical.
    – TUNIC TOPS ARE DEAD. (RIP my closet)
    – no high boots. white 90s style sneakers and crocodile booties preferred.
    – dress up with an oversized blazer or long wool coat.

    would love to know other’s thoughts!



    I’m a sucker for [these]( cheap leggings off of Amazon. They’re super soft, don’t pill, come in LOTS of colors, don’t sag, and aren’t see-through. They also don’t have seams on the outside of the legs. (I’ve had multiple leg surgeries, and I find seams really aggravating sometimes, so that’s a huge plus for me!) The only con is that they may not be thick enough “winter leggings” depending where you live, but I really like them as layering pieces.



    I wear Uniqlo’s leggings pants in the office often. They look more like ponte pants with pockets and thicker fabric, but feel like leggings!



    Honest question- how is anyone wearing leggings for work without a top that comes down long enough to cover your crotch? Because apparently tunic tops are out, but I am not going into the office with skintight stretch fabric as the only thing between my lady-mound and my co-workers. (That includes undies…I don’t know about you but if I’m relying on my undies as the thing to keep me modest, the world has gone completely off the rails.)



    I’m obsessed with Spanx faux leather leggings. They’re thick. Super subtle with the faux leather and can be dressed up.



    Their clothes are usually cheap and uncomfortable, but I bought my favorite pair of fleece lined high waisted leggings from Charlotte Russe and they’re fantastic. So comfy. And under ten dollars.



    Uniqlo heatech are NOT office leggings. They are made more to go under other clothing.

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