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    I live in a warm, humid climate, and I am struggling to find nice ways to dress casually. I’ve been sticking of loose cotton button ups and denim shorts for too long. Bonus points if you have tips for gals with hips



    In Australia right now, and I’ve been wearing the hell out of my loose linen pants. Very, very light linen material, about 3/4 length. If it’s a slightly cooler day, I’ll add a loose button up and tuck it in. If it’s warmer, I’ll wear a fitted t-shirt. Add that with a cute bag and some sunglasses, I think it’s a pretty good look!

    Also, my favourite cheat outfit is a loose linen midi dress. Mine has a little tie around the waist to add some definition to the line of the dress. Instant style for hot af weather!

    Edit: I have significantly wider hips than my waist, and my two tips are 1. Go for a higher waist and 2. Tuck in your loose tops! Accentuate your waist as much as possible!



    My sister spent 4 months working in Panama for an internship; she wore a lot of dresses with athletic compression shorts underneath



    I live in Singapore and wear mostly cotton and linen because they’re just more practical in terms of keeping you cool, and keeping up with frequent washing.

    Lots of comments on styling already, so I’ll just add on briefly:

    1) I like tops that have a dropped neckline at the back (eg a U back). Doesn’t have to be too low, just enough to let the heat and sweat leave your body. And it’s nice to feel breeze on your back.

    2) Tops on the cropped side worn with higher waist bottoms mean you don’t need to tuck them in and allows air to circulate up too – you’ll be surprised how much difference that little bit of breeze makes. I tend to choose tops that are a bit boxier or trapeze shaped for this (tight tops just make me feel worse in the heat). I’ve taken old tops and shortened them, because of this.

    3) I also like dropped armholes rather than fitted ones, though never so low that my bra can be seen. It’s just another way of letting air circulate better through your clothing.



    Flowy skirts! I have an accordion style pleated maxi skirt that I *love* to wear in the summer. With a flowy tank or lightweight tee

    Also I tend to do the whole flowy shirt/tank and denim shorts or tailored shorts like [these] (https://www.aritzia.com/us/en/product/meriliese-short/67382.html?dwvar_67382_color=3270) or [these] (https://www.aritzia.com/us/en/product/jallade-short/66774.html?dwvar_66774_color=3304) and some jewelry



    Wool. I know linen is popular, but I’m going to be real. I sweat. And it is 100F+ for at least five months a year here. Fall is in the 90s and the whole year is muggy as hell. Very fine merino wool is my favorite. You can get lightweight wool from lots of retailers, but for casual wear I’ve purchased several lightweight wool dresses from athletic companies. I’ve also gotten a couple of athletic fabric dresses that work for casual wear. A lot of companies focus on those shiny polyester types, but if you look around there’s the occasional fitted or shift dress in a matte fabric that looks like cotton until you’re up close. I also live in dresses and skirts vs pants, but that’s largely personal preference. Edit: athletic company dresses also tend to run a bit short, but as a short person they hang much longer and therefore more generally appropriate for me.



    I wear a lot of cowl neck shells. Like every single day. I’m in Texas. If I want to step up my game, or if it’s an arctic air conditioning situation, I have lightweight wraps and cardigans.

    I wear pants. Lightweight wool, or lined with a silky fabric. Personal preference. I don’t like the look of my bare legs in a professional setting.



    Linen pants or nice, tailored jeans, cotton shirts, and shirts that don’t have the sleeves scrunched into the armpit (you all know the shirts I’m talking about).

    You could wear a flowy or breezy dress, possibly a skirt.

    Pair it all together with some dressy-casual flats, sandals, or heels and boom you have a look.

    I have a significant difference between my waist and hips as well (13 inches) and my biggest advice is to really accentuate your waist. If I wear anything loose-fitting, I look like a rectangle unless it cinches at my waist. When I wear work pants, all of my shirts get tucked in. Can’t buy a bohemian-esque dress because I’ll get lost in all the fabric. Something can look very cute on the rack and I can fall in love with it, but if I try it on and see that it doesn’t work for me, I hang it back up.



    When I try to actually dress myself, I tend to focus on the lower half and accessories and try and match the top to it (I have wider hips as well). I have a few simple bottoms ([my favorite is my high waisted shorts](http://imgur.com/MbuAFDd) ) fun chokers and headbands, fun shoes,

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