Women who have a distinct and unusual/statement-making “style” that everyone recognizes- how do you dress?

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    Just curious! I kind of consider myself one of these women, and most of the people I’m surrounded by are very classic, mostly just concerned with looking put-together and presentable. Then there are some people who are trendy but they generally follow the same trends I constantly see at Lulu’s all the time. WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE but I never get to see people who dress a little on the wilder side or who have distinct, statement making personal styles. So I’d just love to see which women here have styles that veer on the creative/unusual side 🙂 Feel free to post your own pics or just use inspo pics online that look like stuff you would wear.



    [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/9o3ujv/comment/e7r4ly9) is my most recent WAYWT. I like bold colors, unusual details, vintage silhouettes, and minimal jewelry.






    I call my style “Young Librarian Meets Blake Lively”

    So I dress pretty classically and modestly, but also very feminine with more bold pieces thrown in. I like to take a classically tailored outfit (high waisted silk midi skirt and boatneck sweater, for example), and add a more bold, experimental flavor to it with fun shoes or jewelry or makeup. I have a lot of unique or offbeat shoes. I love the combo of a classic outfit with really interesting shoes. But I try not to get too trendy unless it’s a trend that really really flatters me.

    A few things that people have pointed out are very “me”: bell or flowy wide sleeves, corduroy, pointed toe shoes, “all American girl next door” style tops, pink anything, delicate gold jewelry

    Edit to add: I wear glasses for work and driving, so I also add flavor with them. I have 5 pairs (classic tortoiseshell with gold arms and hardware, classic black Ray-Bans, olive green with tortoiseshell arms, blush with gold hardware and accents, and purple/magenta tortoiseshell) that are all square/rectangular/oversized that I choose from based on my outfit for the day.

    Second edit: I also love 70’s inspired fashion so I’ve been wearing lots of 70’s style fashion lately!



    I’m pretty much at full on Stevie Nicks and Robert Smith go to the rodeo status these days. Lots of studs and Western inspired all black outfits. lots of studs and texture and boots and buckles and Fringe.



    Came across this post randomly looking for inspiration and all you lady’s look amazing! Thanks for sharing 😊



    I guess my style is kinda a mix of Stevie Nicks meets Debbie Harry. I like to mix romantic pieces with edgier materials and structured shapes. So I might wear a flowy lacy top with black skinny pants and a leather biker jacket with leather booties. Or plum-colored velvet platform combat boots, jeans and a plain black top with a duster. Maybe a loose dress in a neutral color with a turquoise velvet blazer that has shoulder pads. If I go monotone I use different textures and embellishments and do more with makeup, like a duochrome or metallic eye shadow. I buy my glasses from Zenni online too since they are so reasonable for me ($8-$40ish for frames and lenses) and I use them as an accessory even though I need them to see hah. For me, pairing vintage, thrift ed, goth, and even renaissance fair costume pieces with neutral basics ensures I still look professional in my profession (interior designer).

    In the past few years my hair has been mint/plum and I also style it in different ways to to fit the outfit. Sort of my 00’s emo kid glo-up I guess lol.



    I don’t have an overall style that one would describe as unusual, except for one detail—socks! Today I am wearing [pigeon socks](https://i.imgur.com/TW2hzLE.jpg). Other favorites include my [pancake socks](https://i.imgur.com/4UaWRvk.jpg) and my [moon and stars socks](https://i.imgur.com/FCbfwTX.jpg). I have lots of argyles, which I wear on more serious days as well.



    In the past year I’ve started shopping exclusively at thrift stores, and all of my friends have started complimenting my style and labelled me as the “trendy” one of the group. Personally I like simple, classic pieces, but with a tiny detail/twist that makes it interesting or make people take a second glance. My style also ranges from lazy casual to vintage-y depending on my mood, here’s my [instagram](https://www.instagram.com/goodthrill/) account where I post the outfits that I really like.



    I’m generally known for being a little more nicer dressed than peers my age and a bit on trend, but generally still conservative. However I’m also known for looking a little silly or quirky when I go out, think odd Hawaiian shirts tied up as crop tops rather than bralettes or other tops, I’ll wear platform docs and jeans rather than heels and a tight dress of skirt, overalls sometimes make an appearance.

    Pretty contrasting things but quite a few people know me for both lol, sometimes at school I used to have people I met out on weekends see me on campus and be a bit puzzled



    I am one of those women that people say “that’s YOU” about certain pieces of clothing, and ask for fashion and style advice.

    Here’s three collage pictures of my style:

    [Month of September](https://imgur.com/6wQVVJT)

    [Month of August](https://imgur.com/tsi3raN)

    [Month of July](https://imgur.com/ut43HKR)

    Some consistent themes I see:

    Bold colors, color blocking, contrasting or complementary colors

    Not afraid to make statements: with pant styles, hemlines, colors, accessories, shoes

    Black and white graphic designs

    A 60s mod feel to many outfits

    Simple shapes and designs, interesting accessories

    American Preppy Classics with a twist is my look!



    I work in an alternative fashion store, so my style has gotten more out there over the last year! I’d probably describe it as “cute witch who will also kick your ass”. I like frills, pleats, distinctive tights/stockings and always wear skirts and dresses BUT I also have a very punk side with heavy boots and leather everywhere.



    Because I’m too lazy to buy contacts I wear “statement” glasses everyday (big round 70s-esque light frames) which others see as a statement. I almost always wear neutral earth toned clothes and then wonky statement earrings, bright primary coloured accessories (shoes, purses, neckerchiefs) which add to my look!



    I used to dress way crazier than I do now (I’m 31), but I still feel like I have a “weirdo” kind of vibe with everything I do. I like weird color combinations and borderline tacky prints. If I had a uniform it would be black boots with colored tights, a wild 80s print A line dress, funky accessories from another era or aesthetic, and unnatural hair color. I always wear accessories and always have at least one print and once color in everything I do. I think the main thing is to not define my style in any other way but fun, colorful, vintage, eclectic, etc. I will however sometimes try to go for a theme in a given day. Or to give off a certain vibe (often it’s Megan Draper, haha). I’ll give you all some links to old outfits from my Pinterest board cause I know that’s what we all really want, haha.







    Disclaimer: these are poorly lit, from years ago, and were for only personal use only so they aren’t all fully accessorized



    I never think I dress that abnormally, but I have been told my look is “rockstar from the future.” Honestly I think it has more to do with my hair and piercings than my clothes.

    Otherwise, it’s just dark and earthy colors (my hair is bright red and gigantic, I don’t need more color) with very structured tailoring. I can thrw on some black skinnies and wear it casually or wear my slacks and loafers for work. I have a wide array of pleather jackets.

    I do love that crops are in now. I’ve been wearing them for ages and they were always a pain to find. Though now that everyone is starting to dress like this, maybe I’m not so original anymore.

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