You have 10 minutes to take your outfit from good to running-into-your-ex great. What do you do?

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    Interpret this question as loosely as you like. Maybe you have only have a few spare minutes after work before you’re supposed to meet up with friends. Or you realized at the last second as you’re getting ready in the morning that it’s picture day. Or you just got the news that your crush is going to be at that thing tonight too. What are your most time-saving moves, your most efficient swaps and additions, to take your look from good to amazing? FFA often laments that it takes a lot of time to look perfectly put-together, so here’s to practicality and cost-benefit analysis.

    For me, I think I’d spend that time refreshing my hair and makeup (4-5 mins), swapping out my earrings for something sparkly or dangly (1 min), swapping out my purse for something statement-y or evening-appropriate (3 mins), and changing into heeled shoes or boots (1 min).



    Spend that 10 minutes getting dog fur off my clothes!

    But really, curl my hair and change into cuter shoes. Plus a spritz of perfume.



    wear the good bra and the tights that do the shapewear thing, wine lip and filled in brow and swap out my real wedding ring which is this little amber number I love with the expensive looking ring I got from the renfaire and wear the good heels that make me look cute.



    I know this doesn’t strictly answer your question, but I feel like no matter what I’m wearing, following Charline Theron’s advice in this video works absolute wonders every time.

    As well as this, I’d make sure my makeup is on point, brush my hair and make sure any tucks are adjusted properly!



    I used to have a job that required me to go from office rat to red carpet events in ten minutes. I would fix my hair (dry schampoo and a brushing/teasing or a sleek pony tail), touch up my makeup (I had a cake foundation and sponge from Lancôme that was easy to apply and covered everything), put on a lipstick that made my lips pop and add a spritz of heavier perfume.
    I would put on black high heeled pumps, add one piece of statement jewelry (big earrings, a necklace or a cocktail ring) and grab a small purse. I had a collection of mostly vintage purses.
    My work “uniform” back then was cigarette pants and a shirt or a boat neck knitted top. It worked at the office, for hauling stuff around (worked with interior design and antiques) and for going to evening events.



    Lipstick, fluff hair upside down, remove bra, add hoops, tuck in my shirt/top, stand in a power pose and have A+ posture the rest of the night



    I like how most of these comments mention changing into a better bra because honestly that would be the main thing I change too.

    I might change to heels depending on what the occasion is but I am so bad at wearing heels that I might just make a fool of myself instead….



    I am petty af, sooooo:

    * Regular bra >> push-up bra
    * Jeans >> skirt
    * Flats >> heels
    * Extra mascara and fresh lipstick
    * Perfume



    I’m a realtor and at any moment I may get a call from a client asking to see a home while I’m out running errands. I know OP asked about running into your ex but that same Murphy’s Law applies here. The two times I’ve been like, ‘oh I’ll just stop by and preview this house for a client on my way to the store,’ I’ve run into the seller’s agent or the sellers themselves. Last time it happened I was wearing my GLOW (great show, btw) shirt and hadn’t showered that day.

    Now I keep my car stocked with:

    – neutral high heels
    – a business casual top
    – a large hair clip
    – Kleenex
    – makeup wipes
    – deodorant
    – name badge

    In my purse I have a makeup bag with all of the essentials.

    This will take me from a ball cap and no makeup to a semi-polished professional in a matter of minutes when duty calls.



    Red lipstick.

    “And science shows that red lips also get you noticed: A study at the University of Manchester found that men stared longer at women who wore red lipstick (7.3 seconds) than they did at women who wore pink lipstick (6.7 seconds). Bare lips clocked the least attention, at 2.2 seconds.”

    I dont have the source, but its prolly just to google UM study!



    Put on sunglasses, block out the haters. Done.



    Fuck that kid, I wouldn’t change a thing except put a smile on my face,



    Switch to a “serious” bra and shaping underwear, refresh makeup, go for sexier shoes, add something to smell good, a statement bag and an optional extra stylish layer like a moto jacket or a scarf.



    Honestly I feel the best in my “fuck-off” leather jacket and stompy boots, so I’d probably put those on. Watch my posture, put on a small smile, and walk tall like I own the room!



    Swap the flats I am probably wearing for the super expensive/excruciating heels I usually have within arms reach. Touch up makeup. Spend 8 minutes pondering ways I could avoid running into him.

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