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    Inspired by a post earlier this week: I regularly buy mens items to wear on a regular basis as a cis-gendered hetero girl. I would love to see your favorite men’s items and hear why you picked them up!

    My personal favorites:

    [These light wash slim Banana Republic Jeans]( Men’s jeans are SO thick and sturdy, and these have a small amount of stretch. They are the perfect mid-to-slightly-high rise. Why try to find the perfect boyfriend jeans in the women’s section when you can just buy them where a dude does?

    [These bamboo rayon sweaters](–7107-264278). These things are damn near bulletproof. Wash them, dry them, they dont shrink or pill. My husband has had his for years and wears them daily as part of his “workwear uniform.” I tried on the women’s version and they were SO thin, but the men’s were both thick and drapey at the same time. They arent as warm as wool but they are way less maintenance.

    [Men’s Nike Frees – similar but not identical.]( I have size 8.5 Women’s feet with a wide toe box and can usually fit into a 7 men’s. I find men’s runners fit the troangular shape of my feet better than a wide women’s version.

    And of course the holy grail, men’s flannel shirts.

    What are your favorite finds from the men’s side?



    In the men’s section, I really like buying collared, short-sleeve shirts. They often come in fun patterns you’d never see in a women’s section (especially in the ‘young men’s’ section) and look fun tucked into high-waisted bottoms or with the tails tied into a knot for a crop top. The wider-cut shirts can be French tucked into shorts, etc, too. Lots of fun foliage, tropical, birds, [sharks](, and other prints are available, and the linen shirts are usually less scratchy and more opaque. Sometimes the pocket is off proportional to my body, but I’ve ripped out the seams on several of these shirts and the holes left by the stitching disappear after a single wash.

    On the other, *other* side of the store, the [boy’s section is the ONLY place to shop]( for [shark]( gear (I really like [sharks](, y’all). Also, [dinosaurs](, bugs, and [space]( Size XL 14-16 or 18-20 is my sweet spot. Long sleeves are usually a bit short on me, like on [cardigans]( and sweaters, and they sometimes fit more like crops. However, most of my bottoms are high-waisted and I always push my sleeves up anyway, so that doesn’t bother me. It sometimes even looks *more* fem to me, especially when worn with ankle-length pants and leggings, or A-line skirts. I’ve also successfully purchased XL [boy’s jogger sweatpants]( from Gap before and they are LEGIT. Huge pockets, thick knit, and lasting fuzziness. Slightly tight in the hips, but the fleece is stretchy.

    Importantly, **boys’ clothing is often much cheaper and on sale** more frequently. I got banging deals on all my items.

    ALSO, Boys’ socks. You want [shark socks](, stormtrooper socks, bug socks, etc? Boys’ socks are the best. They are just the right size for me.

    My examples are all Gap, since they most frequently stock shark things (I am open to shopping for more shark gear, hit me up with any recs).

    For reference, I am 5’8″, #145, and I wear a US8 in shoes.



    Like u/LizzyLemonade I am also a bustier person who wears men’s slim fit button downs (A&F men’s shirts are so great). I don’t size down though to fit my waist, I just military tuck. A lot of ‘for busty women’ button downs nip waaaaay in at the waist which creates a very flattering look but it’s not on-message for what I want to look like (i.e. Cate Blanchett but short and brown). I also wear men’s sweaters, tees and cardigans and once found a jacket that was perfect for me but wayyyy out of my price range. tbqh, my relationship with gender is such that I do not feel like it is ‘the other side’ for me, so it’s possible that my opinions aren’t super relevant here.



    I’m a cis-gendered hetero woman too, but I’m rocking the wool trousers, thick sweaters, wool socks, and lace-up shoes this winter.

    I never really realized how comfortable my male counterparts are in the office. When I put on the same clothes, it was like a light bulb going off, and then I felt kind of cheated that no one ever let me know that it could be like this.

    [Here’s a photo of me](

    To be honest, it’s really not my ideal look – I’m a girly-girl at heart. But these clothes are so warm and comfortable and unrestricted in terms of movement!

    None of the things I’m wearing are hard to find for women except maybe the tapered wool dress pants with a crease and the shoes.

    For the pants, I’ve reliably found some at Brooks Brothers, Theory, Vince, Boss, and Elie Tahari. Brooks Brothers always has nice sales, and the others can be found from time to time on sale at Nordstrom or Saks. I look for 98%-100% wool, a pre-existing crease, and lining (if you can find it).

    For the shoes, most trendy women’s lace ups don’t have the right level of formality and/or are cemented soles and won’t last you as long. But you can get some legit, non-rustic, high quality dress shoes in women’s sizes from Meermin (GYW) and Scarosso (Blake stitch) on the low-mid end and Carmina (GYW) on the middle-higher end.

    I’m too small to directly buy most menswear but I do buy Gold Toe boys dress socks for my size 5.5 US women’s feet!



    Yes! I shop in the “men’s” side of the store all the time. The quality of the items are often better and lower priced. I like cotton or flannel long sleeve button downs over tucked in t-shirts from gap/uniqlo. Also jean jackets are great too if you’re going for that oversized look.



    I love Uniqlo flannels in a men’s XS. The shoulders fit perfectly and the sleeves are long enough for my 6′ wingspan (as opposed to women’s flannels from Uniqlo, which are ludicrous on me. I like the colors better but they are not made for tall slim gals). If only LL Bean carried a men’s XS!



    Men’s Henly shirts hands down, especially now that it’s fall. They’re just so warm and comfortable for many different reasons! Warm because of thick fabric (why are women’s shirts always so thin!!! Ugh), long enough down on my torso (don’t feel like I’m exposing my belly to cold air), and long enough sleeves. They’re form fitting enough (if you get the right size) so that they don’t totally obscure my shape, but loose enough that I don’t feel like I’ve painted it on like a lot of Women’s shirts. I got two at a thrift store and want to go back to buy like 10 more for living in at home.



    I love men’s joggers. Low rise, roomy crotched men’s joggers = high rise women’s joggers, with a bit more room in the crotch compared to normal women’s joggers which is great for actually exercising and moving around. Especially since men’s joggers often have crotch gussets, a really practical and comfortable addition that women are almost never afforded.

    I also have a question, has any tried Chubbies brand shorts? They look like they’d work as a decent quality, casual, high waisted short for women but I’m worried about the waist being too loose compared to the hip.



    When I was bustier, I had great luck with men’s slim fit button down shirts. They’re generally wider at the top of the torso and fitted at the bottom so it looked less tent-like. I also used to wear a leather men’s bomber jacket, which had more room at the top and cinched in at the waist nicely. RIP amazing leather bomber.

    Men’s Hawaiian/aloha shirts are really comfy and you can sometimes find them in less explicitly tropical prints.

    I have large feet (size 10.5/11 and right on the border of wide/regular) and I exclusively buy men’s athletic shoes. They have a lot more room for natural foot swelling during exercise. I also have good luck thrifting men’s leather shoes, particularly loafers and brogues.

    And men’s or unisex T-shirts up a size or two from normal make great loungewear.



    Men’s climbing shoes. Bullshit – they are just normal width whereas “women’s” are narrow. Well, let me tell ya, not all women have exceptionally narrow feet.



    Slim-Fit button down shirts! I have a mens build (small tits, no hips to speak of) so women’s shirts just awkwardly poof out on me. I also wear a lot of mens Arizona V-Neck T-shirts, because when JC Penney has a solid sale you can get them for like $6 a piece and they last ages.



    I have a men’s cable knit Merino sweater (burgendy). And it is heavy and chunky in a way that cost big bucks in women’s clothing– $35 at Target. I love it with skinny jeans and my low-ankle boots.



    I own 2 pairs of men’s Levi’s 501 Shrink to Fit jeans and they’re my favorite jeans ever. If I could find men’s sweaters and tees with deeper v-necks I’d wear those too because I have long arms and they fit better, I just don’t think crew necks and high v-necks look good on me.



    Goodfellow hoodies from target are great for tall women. They’re a bit roomier at the hips than a lot of men’s hoodies, and they’re much easier to find than women’s talls. I’ve thrifted some sweaters, but no particular recs there. I’ve also got a pair of Cole Haan oxfords I really like. My feet are on the narrow side compared to most men’s shoes, but CH runs a bit narrow.



    Sweaters! [Black sweater](, [green sweater](, [maroon sweater](… okay, two of these are a male roommate’s cast-offs…

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