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    Does anyone here have any recommendations for Youtubers that are good at teaching more about fashion and how to get a style? I’m looking for someone who doesn’t just do lookbooks or OOTDs, but who teach about how to pair pieces, color and pattern theory, etc.

    I am a really visual learner, and I learned makeup through YouTube and trial and error, and I’m hoping to learn fashion in the same way!




    [Justine Leconte]( is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already, she covers fashion topics from the view of a designer and has all kinds of useful videos up on her channel.

    [Dearly Bethany]( is another YouTuber who I like. She’s a fashion blogger so she does do OOTDs etc. but she often shares her thoughts and discoveries on why something works instead of just posing in a pretty outfit. She also happens to have a similar body type to mine (short, pear shaped and long torso) so I like seeing how she plays with proportions in her outfits.



    [Karen Britchick]( does a lot of videos explaining style, color, cuts, and patterns. She also does a few hauls and thrifting videos, but I find her content informative and she’s really enthusiastic about clothing.

    [Alyssa Beltempo]( focuses on sustainable fashion and smarter ways to embrace your closet. I like her videos in which she takes one celebrity’s style and tries to mimic it using pieces she has. She talks a lot about what works and what doesn’t when emulating a certain style.

    [AlexandrasGirlyTalk]( is a more beauty focused channel but she’s recently been putting out content on how to buy items like sweaters and swimwear. For example, her sweater video focuses on the most flattering fabrics, cuts, styles, shapes, and ultimately, what to look for in a sweater.

    [Audrey Coyne]( does a lot of informational videos on topics like seasonal colors, tailoring, capsule wardrobes, etc. I like her content and like Alyssa Beltempo, she focuses on maximizing her existing wardrobe.

    Oh one more thing, a lot of YouTubers who teach fashion often gravitate towards a more minimalist wardrobe which is why I recommended Karen BritChick. Karen’s style is more eclectic and plays a more with colors, cuts, and patterns.



    In addition to Justine Leconte, **Giedre Kavaliunaite** has similar type of content. She also did a lot themed makeovers on her friends so you get to see the difference before/after on different body types. Afaik she’s taking a break because she moved countries (youtube is not her job) but her channel has a lot of good videos from earlier this year.



    I love Patricia Bright!! Does not necessarily “teach” fashion, but has great advice when doing her hauls and trying clothes on. Also extremely successful, has a great story, and is fun to watch. 🙂



    I’m not sure if she really teaches about fashion but I love all of her fashion videos and her style❤

    Allegra Shaw:



    Lauren Messiah! She has a series called the “Anti style type” that explained so much to me and was so helpful! Although caveat, while her videos are great she does need to incorporate more visual aides.



    Daria Andronescu is great at explaining stuff very methodically and is all about capsules and sustainability if you’re into that shit.



    [Amy Serrano]( used to work as a stylist for various celebrities and I can highly recommend her channel because she really knows her shit. Her videos are always very informative and she covers a lot of interesting topics. Apart from basic styling advice (10 staple pieces you should have, how to curate your own wardrobe etc) she is currently doing a series where she talks in depth about the major trends this season, where they originate from and how to style them.



    Audrey Coyne on youtube. Love her.



    Wendy’s look book is adorable! But she’s also super petite so she may not be for everyone.






    **Alexa Poletti** has a few videos called “style walkthroughs” ([1](, [2](, [3](, [4]( wherein she takes a few pieces, then shows how she styles the rest of her look around them. Very fun to watch and very informative.

    **Rachel** from **[The Pinup Companion](** also has a lot of videos on how to style pieces, and how to modify pieces you have to fit a certain style. She’s a very lovely person and her videos are super interesting.



    Thanks everyone!! I’m going to start going through your recommendations tonight!



    Watch Aimee Song’s Style By Number series on YouTube! She takes one piece and styles it in many different ways.



    I’ve learned a ton in a short amount of time from [Glitter and Lazers](

    She explains WHY an item is a better piece of clothing, and gives little context clues of when/where to wear things. This really helps.



    I really like theannaedit on YouTube for how she puts together seasonal capsule wardrobes! Megan Ellaby is great as well, especially for basics.



    aly art. Her body typing system is incredible



    amynicolaox on youtube



    jordan lipscombe



    I like Laura Blair, Retro Flame, and Busbee Style. They are all wonderful and have different styles

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